Pro Surfer Lakey Peterson's Total-Body Dumbbell Workout Takes Intensity to the Next Level

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Surfing is a full-body workout from the minute you paddle out to the final wave, so when these pro surfers share the workouts they do when they're not in the water, we're all eyes and ears. Exhibit A: this total-body routine that current world No. 5-ranked surfer Lakey Peterson dropped in a vlog last week. (Note: the workout starts at timestamp 7:30 in the video above!)

What we love about this workout is that it's light on the equipment. Peterson uses dumbbells and resistance bands for strength moves, then polishes off the workout with some intense bodyweight cardio, which is a nice balance. And . . . that's about the only thing that's "light" about this workout. The strength portion alone (featuring Bulgarian split squats, single-leg hip thrusts, and bear crawls) took Peterson about an hour, she said; the cardio on top of that included sprints, burpee frog jumps, and lunge jumps. Let's just say that this is not a workout for the faint of heart. Try incorporating a few of Peterson's moves into your own workout, or challenge yourself with the full routine if you're feeling ambitious. Or, do what we're doing and just watch her blast through it for some workout motivation. Check it out above!

Getty | Damien Poullenot / Contributor