Craving Fries and Trying to Lose Weight? Order These

We know, we know. French fries aren't exactly the picture of healthy. But as the perfect salty, crispy, warm comfort food, they're good for our mental health, and that counts for a lot! But if you're also watching your waistline, this comparison photo from Instagram user caloriefixes is a good reminder.

While many of us would order sweet potato fries because they seem healthier than regular fries, depending on your needs, that's not always the case. These photos show that the orange variety has more calories per 100-gram serving, which isn't the better choice if you're counting calories. If you're tracking your macros, sweet potato fries do offer fewer carbs, and regular fries offer more protein and less fat.

Another thing to note is that sweet potato fries are often served with a honey mustard dip, while fries are served with ketchup. The honey mustard dip is higher in calories, carbs, and sugars than ketchup. Just something to think about!

But aren't sweet potatoes healthier than white potatoes? While sweet potatoes do offer tons of vitamin A and slightly more fiber, surprisingly, russet potatoes offer more iron, vitamin C, and potassium.

The issue here isn't what kind of potato you choose, it's that they're deep-fried. But you knew that! You also know that a baked sweet or regular potato is the healthier choice, but you want fries! If you eat healthy most of the time, you should eat the foods you want every once in a while, especially when you go out to eat — it satisfies cravings and helps you stay on track.