The Hello Cup Launched the #PeopleWithPeriods Campaign Because Women Aren't the Only Ones With Periods

The Hello Cup, creator of the Hello Cup menstrual cup, wants to remove the gender labels that have typically been used in regard to periods. And it started by removing any gendered language from all Hello Cup packaging.

In conjunction with its packaging revamp, The Hello Cup also launched the #PeopleWithPeriods campaign, because girls and women aren't the only ones with a menstrual cycle. In partnership with nonbinary activist, model, and kindness campaigner Rain Dove, #PeopleWithPeriods is an initiative aimed to encourage free-flowing, kind, and open conversations around everyone's cycle.

Dove explained, "I'm working with The Hello Cup because the fact that not only women have periods is something that is not discussed enough. People have periods and The Hello Cup's commitment to not making periods a gender issue is refreshing." With the launch of this important campaign, Dove and The Hello Cup hope to remove gender labels in general around periods and promote barrier-free conversation, so anyone who bleeds can feel included.

Dove, who is a nonbinary person with a period, has been working with The Hello Cup to produce a series of videos as part of the project. Each video reflects on Dove's experience with their period, as well as public perceptions on the topic and ingrained stigma. Check out the videos ahead, and let's get the conversation about periods flowing!

In the past, society has always labeled periods as a woman or girl thing. But as Dove pointed out, the world is changing rapidly and we are understanding ourselves more fully, which means the language needs to change, too. The Hello Cup is responding by removing the gender labels of "female" from its packaging, because not only women have periods — people have periods. Dove said, "Something as simple as taking away that label, it can save a life."

Dove explained their first period experience, which they described as "terrifying."

Dove explained why we need to talk more about periods. Talking about periods shouldn't be in secret or thought of as gross — periods are a normal part of life!