Tracee Ellis Ross Complaining to Her Trainer About Holding a Side Plank Is All of Us: "Hate It"

Since many indoor gyms and boutique fitness classes are still closed because of the pandemic, people have had to get creative with at-home workouts, streaming classes, and even virtual personal training with their trainers. Tracee Ellis Ross, who has shown off her intense workouts on Instagram before, is no exception.

In a new video, the 47-year-old actress hilariously documents one of her one-on-one virtual training sessions, and her love/hate relationship with working out is so relatable. When her trainer prompts Ross to perform a side plank, she jokes that it is not her favorite exercise, and tells her, "I don't look forward to any of this." She also comments on how her trainer is "the slowest counter in the world" when she is prompted to hold her side plank for 20 seconds, and says, "Hate it," midplank. We can relate! Check out the funny video above.