Lindsey Vonn Shared Her Lifting Warmup on TikTok, and I'm Already Sweating

Warming up is key for any kind of workout, and no one knows that better than three-time Olympic medalist Lindsey Vonn. The skiing legend took to TikTok today to share a few key components for a prelifting warmup, because, as she wrote in the caption, "no you shouldn't just jump right in!"

In her warmup, Vonn starts by loosening up her knees, which she notes is crucial for those who've had knee surgery like her. She follows up with a six- to 10-minute stationary bike ride for some cardio, then leg stretches, such as walking quad stretches. Then Vonn stretches out her back with a few cat-cow poses before finishing up with ab- and leg-activation exercises, including ab rollouts and Bulgarian split squats. It all comes together in a warmup that, TBH, looks like it could be a full workout if you're short on time. Check out Vonn's full video above, and if you're inspired to up your warmup game, check out this full routine we recommend before weightlifting. Your joints and muscles will thank you!