A Therapist Explains 3 "Unusual" Anxiety Symptoms (Including Phantom Ringing) You Might Not Know

Mental health therapist Kiaundra Jackson, LMFT, recently shared this TikTok bringing light to three unusual symptoms a person may experience if they have anxiety.

The three symptoms are:

  1. Indigestion: burping, heartburn, passing gas
  2. Phantom ringing: noise inside your ear like buzzing, ringing, or chirping
  3. Burning sensation: this can be felt on your skin, lips, or even your eyes

Jackson explained to POPSUGAR that in order to be diagnosed with anxiety, a person needs to have the symptoms outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). These include worrying, overthinking, difficulty concentrating, irritability, fatigue, and chest tightness. A psychiatrist or other medical doctor can help you with an official diagnosis using the DSM, and that list from the DSM does not include the three symptoms mentioned above.

Jackson explained that these certain symptoms aren't enough to warrant an official anxiety diagnosis, but would occur in conjunction with typical anxiety symptoms. Although rare, those three symptoms can still occur, which is why Jackson wanted to bring attention to them.

If you suffer from these any anxiety symptoms, you're not alone! She suggested seeking out the help of a good therapist to learn coping skills, and, if you need it, a medical doctor to prescribe medication to help you manage these uncomfortable and sometimes debilitating symptoms.

If you are feeling anxious or depressed and need help finding help or resources, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (1-800-950-6264) have resources available.