If You're a Runner, These Relatable TikToks Will Make You Nod Your Head and Say, "I Do That!"

It doesn't matter how often you run — if you're a runner, you'll totally relate to these videos from @trackingmona. I love the video above especially: at the end of a run, I'm often running in circles and tracking every step to make sure my counter ends exactly on a whole kilometer or mile number — 9.98 just doesn't sit right. You'll relate to the other videos as well, about trying to find a GPS signal, procrastinating on your phone, and how some runs feel amazing while others make you question why you run in the first place. It's good that we can all laugh about these, and knowing you're not alone may help inspire you to lace up your sneaks on those days when you'd rather just to chill on the couch. Just make sure you have your key!

Do I Have My Key?

Me, every time I leave the house to go for a run.

Waiting For the GPS Signal Like . . .

If we don't record our run, did it even happen?

When You Finally Sign Up For That Race

At first you sign up with confidence, but then it hits you.

Some Days I Feel Like I'm Flying

Then other days I feel like everything hurts!

Procrastination: Runner's Edition

You want to go for a run, but you just can't find the motivation to get your sneakers on and go.

Gotta Get to 10 Kilometers Exactly!

Do you do this?