Lizzo Loving and Thanking Her Belly Is a Beautiful Example of Positive Self-Talk

It's not easy to share any kind of health journey on social media, which is why we're always grateful when the one and only Lizzo takes a moment to drop her latest vegan recipe recommendations or give an honest update about her mental health. Today, Lizzo opened up about learning to love a part of her body that she said she used to criticize: her belly.

"I started talking to my belly this year," Lizzo captioned the video on Instagram. "Blowing her kisses and showering her with praises." She shared that she used to "hate" her stomach, to the point of wanting to cut it off. "But it's literally ME," Lizzo wrote. "I am learning to radically love every part of myself." And in the video, she's showing us how it's done, thanking her belly for "keeping me happy, for keeping me alive." She promises to continue listening to it and giving it space to breathe and be.

Lizzo is basically sharing her way of doing positive self-talk, which therapists recommend as a way to change negative mental conversations that don't serve you. That includes (but definitely isn't limited to) body image, and we know it sounds a lot easier than it is. But we'll be taking Lizzo's advice and seeing this as a "sign to love on yourself today." Check out the full video above.