Meet the Workout That's Being Called "the End of Exercise"

With the explosion of dance's popularity as a form of exercise, it's no wonder that CIZE by Shaun T. was the number one Google fitness search of 2016.

If you've ever tried a Shaun T. workout, you likely have a vivid memory of your first experience — he's not playing around, and you're going to get a serious workout. In fact, his workouts are so intense, they're literally called "Insanity" and "Asylum." Sounds . . . not intimidating at all, right? [Editor's note: I tried Insanity years ago before my fitness journey really began and assumed I had gone into cardiac arrest mere moments after beginning the DVD.]

"Exercise is something you have to do; CIZE is something you'll WANT to do," Shaun T. says in his promotional video for CIZE. We can't argue that dance is the one form of exercise that really doesn't feel like you're working out and possibly the most fun way to break a sweat.

Here's how the program works and why people are obsessed with it . . .

What Is It?

It's a dance cardio workout series, designed by trainer Shaun T. Prepare to watch him feel himself in a major way, dressed like an early '90s hip-hop star. He's really living his truth in this workout.

You access CIZE on a series of DVDs you can purchase from the Beachbody Fitness website (home of P90X and more).

What You Get

  • Three DVDs, six dance workouts.
  • A beginner calendar and advanced calendar, to customize your schedule.
  • A nutrition plan. Because any amount of exercise can be undone with poor dietary choices, CIZE comes with a nutrition guide by Shaun T. that helps you stay on track for your health and fitness goals.

Reasons You'll Love It

  • Learn to dance. Many reviewers stated "I can't dance" yet miraculously became dancers. If you are not a dancer, don't have rhythm, or have been too intimidated to try a dance class in public, now's your chance to do it in the privacy of your own home.
  • Have fun. As mentioned, dance is ridiculously fun, and if you hate exercise, this might be the way for you to get active.
  • Total-body workout. Intense cardio, moving every muscle group, conditioning your entire body? Yes.
  • Good music. You're not dancing to elevator music or some heinous generic beats from a free MP3 site. You'll have fun, fast, energizing tunes you love to dance to, by Sia, Destiny's Child, Missy Elliott, Ariana Grande, LL Cool J, and Bruno Mars.
  • Potentially free socks. If you're willing to share your before and after photos with Shaun T., he will send you a pair of socks. Which is exactly the reward you were hoping for, right?

Many reviewers have loved it, while naysayers were unhappy with a lack of weight-loss results. But because we think exercise is about so much more than weight loss, we're eager to try — plus, any chance to see Shaun T. do his thing is a win in our book.