This Meditation App Was Created to Reduce Stress and Anxiety For BIPOC

Mental health conditions can impact anyone's well-being, but research has shown that Black adults are more likely to report persistent symptoms of emotional distress. Additionally, African Americans and Latinx people are more likely than white people to be at-risk for depressive disorder, higher levels of allostatic load (wear and tear on the body due to chronic stress) and unhealthy behaviors, a 2018 study in Preventive Medicine found.

As more data comes out about the health disparities Black and people of color deal with, especially when it comes to mental health, platforms and resources committed to the well-being of these groups are being created such as the meditation app Liberate. Founded by Julio Rivera, Liberate is the number one meditation app for Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) with over 50,000 users. Unlike other meditation apps, Liberate was created for BIPOC helping them heal via resources focused on common cultural experiences they face such as microaggressions.

The meditations are led by BIPOC practitioners who have diverse backgrounds and approaches, allowing people to explore what methods work best for them during their practice. Liberate is subscription based, and is $10 per month or $72 for a year-long subscription. And for those who cannot afford the cost of the app, financial assistance is available. There isn't one perfect way to meditate which is why Liberate has a database of over 40 providers so that you can find a practice that works best for you. If you're in need of more calm in your life or a new way to process the emotions and experiences you've had, check out Liberate.