From Yoga and Pilates to HIIT: 10 of the Best YouTube Channels For Free At-Home Workouts

If you have an open space, you can 100-percent work out from home. Not convinced? Try bodyweight exercises in your living room — add equipment if you have some — or roll out a mat next to your bed and stream workouts on demand (yes, this does require good WiFi). Classes you might find in a group setting can be accessed online through paid subscriptions like Tone It Up, Active by POPSUGAR, Peloton (they have more than just bike and treadmill classes!), and P.volve. There's also a supersimple and zero-cost way to get your sweat session in: YouTube.

Utilizing YouTube channels spearheaded by certified trainers is one of my favorite tools for at-home workouts. You can find channels specific to yoga, for instance, or those that have a wide variety of workouts ranging from Tabata to other forms of HIIT. These videos are available at your convenience. You can work out at your own pace on your own time, which gives you the flexibility you need to fit exercise into your day (if you're interested, of course). Check out a list of great YouTube channels ahead.

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Yoga With Adriene

Yoga teacher Adriene Mishler posts a wide variety of videos on her channel, which is one of my absolute favorites on YouTube. There are yoga flows for stress, core strength, full-body flexibility, and more. She also breaks up videos by what your occupation is or interests are (chef, manual labor, runners, climbers, teachers, etc.) and by emotions (yoga for grief, insecurity, self-doubt, joy, etc.). Oh, and did I mention she has flows for period cramps and PMS?

Check out more videos from Yoga With Adriene.

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The POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube channel has a slew of different workouts led by expert trainers. Class FitSugar videos include boxing and kickboxing, yoga, Tabata, strength, and more. Plus, we also offer Dance FitSugar videos that are fun and will get you sweating! I can't dance, but I loved this hip-hop Tabata class.

Check out more videos from POPSUGAR Fitness.

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Sydney Cummings

Cummings is a NASM-certified personal trainer, and she posts free workout videos on her YouTube channel every day. They range by type of workout and duration. For instance, a recent one, shown here, is a 60-minute strength and conditioning session. She posted a 50-minute butt and abs workout with weights last week, and three weeks ago she posted 10 minutes of low-impact HIIT cardio.

Check out more videos from Sydney Cummings.

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Heather Robertson

On Robertson's channel you'll find cardio and strength workouts. One of my favorites that I've done a few times recently is this 12-minute Tabata session. She has videos using different types of equipment: medicine balls, stability balls, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. Take a look!

Check out more videos from Heather Robertson.

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The SugarySixPack YouTube channel is run by a trainer who specializes in pre- and postnatal fitness. She posts all kinds of workouts including full-body routines with weights, core sessions, and ones focused on your butt and legs. Like the name suggests, she's supersweet, and she leads workouts that will help you build strength.

Check out more videos from SugarySixPack.

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Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is run by a husband and wife team of fitness professionals. The YouTube channel has almost six million subscribers and features a long list of home workouts that often focus on specific muscle groups (upper body, lower body, etc.). Fitness Blender even offers videos that last up to an hour and a half, though it also has videos as short as five or 10 minutes.

Check out more videos from Fitness Blender.

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HASfit offers free full-length workouts that, like all of the channels we've included here, are easy to follow. Need something quick? Get on your mat for a 10-minute ab workout. Want to work out for a longer period of time? You can try a 45-minute Tabata session or a 40-minute total-body workout with weights.

Check out more videos from HASfit.

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BodyFit By Amy

Amy Kiser Schemper, NASM- and AFAA-certified personal trainer, has a YouTube channel, BodyFit By Amy, that's a great resource for home workouts. She offers a range of videos that use a variety of equipment. The video shown here, for example, is a 35-minute kettlebell workout. There's also routines using booty bands, a BOSU ball, dumbbells, and more.

Check out more videos from BodyFit By Amy.

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Yoga with Kassandra

The Yoga with Kassandra YouTube channel is another grade-A resource for free yoga videos. She has full-length classes up to an hour long, and she also offers shorter flows. Her morning stretch videos are some of the most-viewed flows on her channel.

Check out more videos from Yoga with Kassandra.

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Blogilates is a popular channel run by certified instructor Cassey Ho. It features Pilates-inspired workouts that are typically shorter in length. She has almost five million subscribers, and she posts challenges broken up by specific exercises, too.

Check out more videos from Blogilates.