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How to Cook For Two

5 Secrets to Master When Cooking For Two

It can be a struggle to cook for two! However, that doesn't mean it's impossible. These five tricks can help you and your significant other become a dream team in the kitchen.

  • Keep the fridge stocked with staples. So many fast and easy dinners can come together if you have some basic ingredients always stocked in the fridge, like eggs, milk, butter, parsley, lemon, salad greens, avocado, and a green veggie like green beans or broccoli.
  • Start with resources for two. There are so many incredible books out there, but America's Test Kitchen: The Complete Cooking For Two Cookbook is reliable and has a variety of recipes encompassing every meal. There are also beautiful blogs like Table For Two that scale their recipes down for a couple.
  • Half the recipe. If the recipe serves four, simply cut the ingredients in half. Recipes that are easily scalable include pasta, stir-fries, and tacos. Sites like can automatically recalculate the amount of each ingredient. However, it does not adjust the cooking time.
  • Freeze leftovers. If the recipe is for soup, a casserole, or something else that's too difficult to trim down, make the full recipe and freeze the leftovers. You'll be glad to have them on a rainy day. Or, stash leftovers in the fridge for lunch the next day.
  • Upcycle leftovers. Nothing sounds sadder than leftovers for dinner. Instead of simply reheating the same thing another night, creatively use the leftovers to make a new dish. Use up leftover chicken in a stir-fry or fill it in a quesadilla. Create a new sandwich or salad with leftover meats. The possibilities are endless.
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Join The Conversation
Alisha_Stiletto Alisha_Stiletto 9 years
Can I say that I dont have any issue with the "wifely duties" bit? Know why? I am the person who does the cooking and the cleaning in the house. With that said, I do it because I like to take care of my man. I see that as my job because he takes care of me in every aspect. There are times I come home and dinner is waiting on me. Every night, he washes dishes and takes the trash out -those are things I will never do. I think the sterotypical roles arent always a bad thing. With that, Im totally looking into the magazine for coupley meals- I have issues with cooking way too much food. LOL!
emalove emalove 9 years
I'm a newlywed and I HAVE been trying to cook a little more here and there for my husband...I definitely need these tips! We do have fun when we cook together too, it's always amusing in some way...
veronicaraye veronicaraye 9 years
thats gotta be scary the first few times.
lexichloe lexichloe 9 years
My favorite mag. is "The Nest," it is great for newly married couples. Always includes great recipes, and great ideas... Check it out!
chancleta chancleta 9 years
don't you sweat these girls partysugar! i know what you meant! plus there's husbandly duties too!
xrockette19x xrockette19x 9 years
also, i agree with smartypantssugar, i hate cooking for one, it's so hard buying the ingredients to make a meal for just one person, and if you don't, you end up with tons of leftovers! I'm really excited to be able to try more new recipes now that I'll have more than one person to eat them!
xrockette19x xrockette19x 9 years
I'm still bookmarking these, even though I'm not going to be moving in with a husband, just a roommate! I figure we'll go back and forth on the cooking, but these will still be useful tips. I do think the 'wifely duties' thing is outdated also, but I mean, if we're reading yumsugar, we're probably women, and we probably like to cook! It's perfectly fine to cook for your husband because you enjoy doing it! Hopefully when I do find a husband (and not just a roomie), he won't mind picking up the slack when I feel lazy!
smartypantssugar smartypantssugar 9 years
It's sooo much easier cooking for two than for one!
facin8me facin8me 9 years
Interesting that when this was originally posted yesterday, there were no quotation marks around "wifely duties." I even checked the google cache, because I never would have posted if there had actually been quotation marks, because then it clearly would have been tongue in cheek.
ReverendZelda ReverendZelda 9 years
Notice that wifely duties was in qutations. That's important. Leftovers at my house seem to kick around until trash day sadly. I just can never seem to remember to take them in the morning when I'm half asleep and running late.
redsugar redsugar 9 years
My favorite dinner is fruit, bread and cheese.
blackjade blackjade 9 years
We both love cooking and we also love leftovers. There are things I used to make for myself that would last me all week (lasagna), now it only lasts 3 days! We always have something easy from trader joes in the freezer (tamales, chicken strips, rice and veggie bowl...) Or sometimes (like last night) we just give up and have popcorn, grapes and coconut-chocolate breadpudding for dinner :)
scarrie scarrie 9 years
Always have a few easy things on hand that can be defrosted when nobody feels like cooking. For me it's usually a lean cuisine and a frozen pizza for my hubby. That way we're both happy!
LaLaLaurie06 LaLaLaurie06 9 years
I have trouble cooking for one! I can't do leftovers day after day after day. I usually buy the frozen dinners for one like Healthy Choice or Smart Ones. Those are delicious.
Karla-Sugar Karla-Sugar 9 years
I hear you, facin8, but we'll give Party the benefit of the doubt. After all, even us modern women are allowed to take pleasure in the marital traditions of doing chores around the house -- though I think of ironing as doing something nice for someone I love. I didn't change my name though. Didn't seem to be that big a deal either way, and this is the name I've had my whole life so far.
redsugar redsugar 9 years
We cook the regular recipe and freeze the extra portions or eat them for lunches the next day.
facin8me facin8me 9 years
"wifely duties?" i wasn't aware it was still 1955.
Karla-Sugar Karla-Sugar 9 years
I have to say it: my husband does all the cooking. If neither one of you is the chef, though, I'd say it's wise to both start cooking together or alternating days. If one of you is much better than the other, then you've found your house's chef.
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