7 Hacks to Give Your Ordinary Starbucks Order a Holiday Twist

Although indulging in a drink from the holiday menu at Starbucks is a beloved winter tradition for many, there may be times when you're craving your regular drink order and just want a touch of the holiday spirit. I mean, downing Caramel Brulee Lattes for 25 days straight can make the novelty ware off fast. So, after experimenting with my own go-to order over the years, I've acquired some hacks that will make your Starbucks order taste festive, without having to order a holiday drink!

1. Add Holiday Toppings

If what you enjoy most about the traditional holiday drinks are the toppings, all you have to do is ask for the topping on your regular order. Ask for Dark Chocolate Curls (usually on the Peppermint Mocha), Sugar Sparkles (which are used on the Toasted White Chocolate Mocha), or Spiced Praline Crumbs (from the Chestnut Praline Latte) as a garnish on your latte or cappuccino.

2. Sub Eggnog For Milk

When it comes to holiday traditions, indulging in eggnog is right there at the top of the must-do list. And now, you're able to substitute eggnog for your regular milk choice in any drink — including a latte, hot chocolate, and cappuccino. Just imagine this: the perfect blend of rich espresso with steamed eggnog, upgrading your regular drink to a new level of creaminess and spice.

3. Add Holiday Syrup

A flavored syrup can take your drink from ordinary to festive within seconds! Order your go-to drink with Peppermint Syrup (from the Peppermint Mocha) or Chestnut Praline Syrup (which is used on the Chestnut Praline Latte). This extra flavor is sure to make your drink feel as merry as the holiday cup it's in.

4. Add Holiday Sauce

Are you a fan of the Caramel Brulee Latte or Toasted White Chocolate Mocha? Here's some holiday cheer: you can get the sauce from those drinks added to your regular order! Just ask for Caramel Brulee Sauce or Toasted White Chocolate Mocha Sauce. This addition to your drink is sure to take it to another level of holiday spirit.

5. Swap Cold For Hot

What better way to warm up during winter than with a hot drink? Which leads to the easiest hack of them all — simply getting your regular cold drink in it's counterpart warm option instead. Usually order an Irish Cream Cold Brew? Get an Irish Cream Americano instead. Or, for all those who want something caffeine-free, try a seasonally themed hot drink — like Steamed Apple Juice or Steamed Milk with a shot of Peppermint Syrup.

6. Add Holiday Powders

Just as the star on top of the tree can be the perfect final touch, so can the powder on the top of your hot drink. Add a touch of spice by requesting ground nutmeg (which usually comes on an Eggnog Latte) or cinnamon to be sprinkled on your drink. Trust me, it's a subtle addition that will take your drink to a new level of festiveness.

7. Make It Sweeter

Between the candy canes, chocolates, and other festive-themed baked goods, what's the holiday season without indulging in sweets? Upgrade your usual order by adding a hint of sugar — whether that be an extra pump of syrup, Dark Chocolate Curls, or whipped cream.