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Top Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes in Each State

A State-by-State Guide to the Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dishes

Tennessee: Sweet Potato Casserole
Image Source: The Stay at Home Chef

Thanksgiving's menu lineup has been the same for decades with turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing taking center stage. While turkey is undoubtedly the table's main showstopper, side dishes have proven to be a close second with some almost stealing the show themselves (who can pass up mashed potatoes?). While most people eat a similar variation of food on Thanksgiving between the turkey and pie, a new study from Zippa has reported that the side dishes people look forward to indulging in vary depending on where they live. From Alaska to New York, tables are filled with everything from mouthwatering hash brown casseroles and rich, buttery crescent rolls to lightened up side salads and creamy corn.

Whether you've got a palate for stuffing or you lean more towards mac and cheese, these state-by-state picks will inspire you to get cookin'. No matter where you're celebrating Thanksgiving this year, check out what the folks in the states around you are craving, and get ready for this year's side dish to be the new star of the show.

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