There's a Secret Orange Drink at Starbucks That People Are Saying Tastes Just Like Peach Gummies

Another day, another secret menu item at Starbucks! This time, it's a pretty simple orange drink that tastes just like those peach gummy rings that are a forever fave candy. Totally the Bomb first revealed the drink on their Instagram, and we've spotted several other Starbucks-lovers who also couldn't resist this fun concoction. As with all of Starbucks's unofficial menu items, though, you have to know exactly what to order so your barista can make it for you.

To order the orange drink, ask for a Venti iced black tea lemonade that's half sweetened, then add peach tea and a bit of a dairy or nondairy option of your choice. We've seen people using coconut, soy, and dairy, and all seem to work the same, so it's really up to your preference. Keep reading to see how everyone else is enjoying their orange drinks, then get to Starbucks and get your own!