Waffles Are Better Than Pancakes, and If You Disagree, You're Wrong

I hate to break this to you, but if you think pancakes are better than waffles, then you've been woefully misinformed. In other words: you're wrong. Sure, the occasional pancake may taste fine, but in the decades-old battle between breakfast foods, the waffle irons out its competition. (Get it?) Not only is the compartmentalized morningtime treat more adaptable than its flat-surface competition, but it's also broken out of the breakfast mold altogether. Here are 10 definitive reasons why there's really no argument . . . waffles are just plain batter better.

  1. The square waffle texture allows for optimal topping storage. Want your butter and maple syrup to stay put? Simply drizzle them into your waffle's squares and they'll remain in place until you decide to eat. Want to make a PB&J with waffles instead of bread? The glorious breakfast treats will hold your fillings right where they belong.
  2. It's hard to mess up a waffle. While temperamental pancakes are finicky enough to scare away amateur cooks, you really can't screw up a plain waffle too badly; there's a reason why frozen Eggo waffles are an American classic.
  3. Pancakes get soggy way quicker than waffles, making waffles the ultimate brunch food. If you want to chat with a friend over bottomless mimosas, you're not going to be shoveling your breakfast down all at once . . . waffles won't turn into a soggy mess while you enjoy your morning.
  4. Waffles are portable! Ever try walking down the street with a big, floppy pancake in your hand? There's a reason why that's not a thing. Grab yourself a waffle, though, and you're good to hit the road. Just ask the Belgians — they enjoy waffles as a popular street food!
  5. Chicken. And. Waffles. Need I say more? You'll be hard-pressed to find a long-beloved "chicken and pancakes" house, but chicken and waffles joints abound throughout the country for a good reason. Something about savory chicken and sweet, syrupy waffles make the perfect culinary marriage.
  6. You can make waffles out of just about anything. Want a brownie waffle? You've got it. Rainbow waffles on your mind? Coming right up.
  7. You can eat waffles at any meal, because they're just as good when savory. Hello, pizza waffles!
  8. The waffle breakfast dish paved the way for waffle fries, so we owe them our allegiance. Who wants to live in a world without CrissCut french fries?
  9. Waffle cones totally changed the ice cream game. "Pancake cone" doesn't have the same ring to it.
  10. Waffles are the perfect dish for sharing, which basically promotes world peace. Thanks to their waffle pattern, you can easily tear these treats apart, offering pieces to other hungry breakfast-lovers. Pancakes require knives to portion up, while waffles chunk off pieces with ease. They may actually be the key to international diplomacy if we just give them a shot.

There you have it! Leggo my Eggo, world; you can pry waffles from my cold, dead hands.