Hydrox Cookies vs. Oreos: How the Lookalike Competitor Cookies Actually Differ

Many versions of cream-filled cookies can be found on grocery store shelves around the country, but the most popular and recognizable brand has to be Oreos. While no one can compete with the famed chocolate sandwich cookie today, Oreo used to have major competition with rival brand Hydrox cookies. In 1912 when Oreos hit grocery store shelves, they were actually the second chocolate sandwich cookie to do so, because Hydrox cookies debuted in 1908. The latter was manufactured by Sunshine Biscuits, while Oreos were and still are manufactured by Nabisco.

When Sunshine Biscuits closed, Hydrox cookies were eventually taken over by Keebler, who renamed the cookies Droxies. The new name stuck when Kellogg bought the brand in 2001, but the cookies didn't last much longer, being discontinued just two years later. Now Amazon has started selling Hydrox cookies made by Leaf Brands. The new company uses real cane sugar in their cookies as opposed to the high-fructose corn syrup in Oreos, and doesn't used any hydrogenated oils, artificial flavors, or GMOs in their cookie-making.

As far as looks, each cookie features a fun design, but they are different. Oreos feature flowers with the brand name stamped right onto each cookie, while Hydrox features swirls with no name embossed on the cookie. Both cookies are chocolate with creamy white centers, but apparently taste completely different.

According to taste testers and fans of both cookies, the difference can be found in both the cookie and the cream. The Hydrox cookie is more crunchy with a stronger chocolate taste, while Oreo cookies are a little more crumbly but with more sweetness. The cream filling on Hydrox cookies is smoother and not overly sweet, while the Oreo cream is thick and ultra sweet.

If you haven't picked a side in this old-yet-growing cookie war then you're going to want to pick up or order both Hydrox cookies and Oreo cookies for a taste test of your own. Just don't forget to pour yourself a glass of milk to go with it.