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20 Mexican Slang Words and Phrases

20 Mexican Slang Terms That Are Funny as Hell

20 Mexican Slang Words and Phrases
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Mexicans are known for our food, music, incredible beaches, rich traditions, and beautiful history. But when it comes to our culture, one of the things I love the most is our colorful colloquialisms. It doesn't take much time around Mexican-Americans to notice that there is a whole different set of terminology on top of the already beautiful and rich traditions that make up Mexican cultura. Like most Latin American countries, a lot of our terms and slang come from observing nature and Indigenous languages. And similar to Dominican and Puerto Rican slang, Mexicans love to play on words.

We say things like "buena onda," which means "good deep" but also describes someone easygoing and cool. We say things are "gacho" when they're bad and "chafa" when something is of bad quality. Not to mention, there are way too many terms that have to do with farts and sex organs. Here are 20 Mexican slang words that you may have heard and should definitely know.

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