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20+ Puerto Rican Slang Words and Phrases

21 Puerto Rican Slang Terms That Are Puro Boricua

20+ Puerto Rican Slang Words and Phrases

Ever notice how sometimes you have no clue what other Latinx people are talking about when they're speaking Spanish? It's no exaggeration to say that our colloquialisms and slang terms can be worlds apart. When most people think of Spanish slang, they almost always immediately think of Dominican slang because Dominicans truly have a unique way of speaking. Puerto Ricans, on the other hand, are more well known for our pasteles, our coquito, and global music sensations (like Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee), but we also have some absolutely wild slang terms that only Boricuas truly understand.

Puerto Rican expressions can be so unique, it's actually kind of hilarious. We like to drop our "s"s, shorten literally everything, and often borrow from English and mash the two languages together, even in individuals words. We also have a way of taking words that mean one thing and making them mean something else entirely. It's weird but also kind of endearing, no? Whether you're Puerto Rican and need a good laugh, you're curious about how Puerto Rican slang terms differ from your own, or you want to brush up before your next trip to PR, check out this list of funny Puerto Rican phrases.

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