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7 Afro-Latinx-Owned Brands

7 Afro-Latinx-Owned Brands That Need to Be on Your Radar

Black-owned indie brands are finally getting the love and recognition they deserve. But despite being part of the Black diaspora, Afro-Latinxs are often left out of the conversation. Even though Afro-Latinxs exist across the states and in all of Latin America — there isn't a single country in Latin America that doesn't have a Black demographic — they are still many times erased from Latinidad. As a result, quite a few have launched their own brands in recent years that speak to the duality of their unique cultural experiences being both Black and Latinx. These lifestyle brands also pay homage to the reclaiming and celebration of their African roots.

Whether it's skin and hair care, fashion, jewelry, or even lingerie, there's a plethora of quality products being offered by these creative entrepreneurs and not enough time to find and try them all. With that being said, we've rounded up some of our favorite brands and services by Afro-Latinxs of all backgrounds that inspire, empower, and make you feel good. Keep scrolling to find out what they're are all about — and discover some products you'll immediately love.

— Additional reporting by Johanna Ferreira

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