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What Workouts Do Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Like?

This Is What Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Do When They Work Out Together

Just by looking at a photo of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, you must deduct the couple spends a lot of time at the gym. Between his bulging arms and her toned abs, it's hard to find a couple with more muscle than this duo. The former professional baseball player and the talented star have lots of fun, spending Summer days by the beach and even indulging in a sweet or two, but according to ARod, they also break a sweat together.

At the opening of his new Ultimate Fighting Championship gym in Miami, Alex told People he loves to work out with Jennifer, who he calls "a great jock," reminding everyone she was "a former track star in school." If you're expecting to hear him say the pair loves UFC, you're wrong. They go way more basic when hitting the gym together: "Jennifer and I mix it up. We like to lift, and we enjoy bike riding." Of course, they each work out separately as well. Alex says he likes "yoga and pilates classes," while J Lo works with celebrity trainer David Kirsch and keeps a pretty strict diet.

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