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Which Latina Celebrity Is Your Style Icon?

This Fun Game Will Help You Find Your Celebrity Style Match

OK, we know: just like us, you admire every fierce Latina celebrity and her style, from Jennifer Lopez to Selena Gomez. But part of finding your signature style is knowing exactly what look works for you — it's OK to imitate a star, just not all of them at the same time. Take this quiz to find out exactly who should be your style muse, and then share the results on Facebook or Twitter.

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Pick a dress:

What’s your ideal night on the town?

Bowling with friends
Girls' night out at a club
A sexy, dimly lit lounge
Working out with friends
A concert
A red carpet

What’s your favorite Jennifer Lopez movie?

Choose a cocktail:

A cuba libre
A Manhattan
A cosmopolitan
A margarita
A dirty martini
A Long Island iced tea

Which hottie would be your dream date?

Pick a puppy:

What would your next vacation be?

Somewhere with a spa where I can be pampered
A beach where I can lay out and relax
Somewhere with great music and food
A group trip with all my girls
Someplace where I can be active and do things like jet-skiing
A family trip or cruise somewhere in the Caribbean

Pick a lip color:

Pick a place to live:

New York
Los Angeles
Austin, TX
Venice Beach
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