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Anniversary Gifts by Year

Amp Up Traditional Anniversary Gifts With These Unique Ideas

It's important to recognize momentous occasions, especially the celebration of love and marriage. Giving a specific and thematic gift based on the number of years a couple has been together is a pretty ancient custom. And besides being fun to give thoughtful presents, it can also represent a symbol of good luck and celebrate the couple's commitment.

But just because people have been giving gifts to represent specific milestones for centuries doesn't mean your gift has to be dated. Below, you'll find ideas to make traditional anniversary gifts even more personal and romantic.

1st Anniversary: Paper

  • Your wedding song printed and framed
  • A marathon bib for a race you ran together
  • A concert ticket to your favorite band's show
  • A new journal
  • A personal letter

2nd Anniversary: Cotton

  • A set of soft sheets
  • Cozy socks to keep your loved one's feet warm
  • Matching t-shirts
  • Tickets to a carnival for cotton candy
  • A tapestry to hang in your home

3rd Anniversary: Leather

  • A custom wallet
  • A pair of leather shoes
  • A stunning new belt
  • A key fob
  • A watch

4th Anniversary: Fruit and Flowers

  • A bouquet (obviously!)
  • Planting a rose bush
  • Homemade apple pie
  • Homemade preserves
  • A botanical tattoo

5th Anniversary: Wood

  • A cutting board
  • A custom charging dock
  • An engraved knife
  • A wooden ring

6th Anniversary: Iron

  • A game of horseshoe
  • A binge-watch weekend of Game of Thrones
  • A cast-iron skillet
  • A travel steam iron
  • An iron sign of your initials

7th Anniversary: Wool

  • A Pendleton blanket
  • Homemade mittens
  • A warm beanie
  • A pool table with fresh felt
  • A trip to New Zealand to visit all the sheep

8th Anniversary: Bronze

  • A bronze key chain with your anniversary date
  • A small sculpture for the yard
  • A day at the museum to look at statues
  • A water fountain

9th Anniversary: Pottery

  • Handmade pottery with the family member's hand imprints
  • A new mug with family photos
  • A pottery class
  • A vase for those special flowers
  • Coasters

10th Anniversary: Tin/Aluminum

  • A custom coffee tin
  • Tin candles
  • A galvanized vase

11th Anniversary: Steel

  • A water bottle
  • A set of golf clubs
  • A jewelry box
  • A nonstick pan

12th Anniversary: Silk

  • Pajamas
  • Lingerie
  • A robe
  • Silk sheets
  • An Hermès silk scarf

13th Anniversary: Lace

  • A lacy dress
  • Frame her wedding dress
  • Lingerie

14th Anniversary: Ivory

  • A piano concert in the park
  • Ivory-colored towels
  • A trip to the zoo to see the elephants
  • A bone-replica flatware set

15th Anniversary: Crystal

  • Healing crystals
  • A crystal decanter
  • A stone necklace
  • Stone coasters

20th Anniversary: China

  • A dinner party where you use your wedding china
  • A new china set
  • A vintage china cup
  • A trip to Chinatown for dim sum

25th Anniversary: Silver

30th Anniversary: Pearl

  • Any pearl jewelry necklace
  • An oyster-shucking trip
  • A pearl-diving adventure

35th Anniversary: Coral

  • Scuba diving along the Great Barrier Reef
  • A coral bowl
  • A coral necklace

40th Anniversary: Ruby

  • Ruby earrings
  • A red velvet cake with ruby red frosting
  • Ruby cufflinks
  • A ruby tie clip
  • A bottle of ruby port

45th Anniversary: Sapphire

  • Bombay Sapphire Gin
  • A blue-themed party
  • A sapphire bracelet

50th Anniversary: Gold

  • A new wedding band
  • Godiva chocolates
  • A golden rose
  • A gold picture frame with a wedding photo
  • Gold-rimmed Champagne flutes

55th Anniversary: Emerald

  • A trip to Ireland (the Emerald Isle)
  • A cozy emerald blanket to share
  • An emerald tiara, just because

60th Anniversary: Diamond

  • A conflict-free ring
  • A diamond-shaped vase or bowl
  • Playing a game of hearts with the love of your life
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