This Sex Toy Mimics the Feeling of Oral Sex, and It's Worth Every Penny

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I love trying new sex toys, but I get especially excited about ones that promise a particularly enticing sensation. So when given the chance to try a clitoral stimulator designed to feel like oral sex, I was down (pun intended). The Lora DiCarlo Filare ($150) is made to mimic the feel of a tongue circling your clitoris, and it's a game changer.

Don't get me wrong — I love a sex toy that hits my G-spot. But I, like most vulva owners, can orgasm much easier from clitoral stimulation. If that resonates with you, too, know that we're not alone. A large study published in The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that 37 percent of cisgender women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. An additional 36 percent said it made their orgasm more intense.

So while there are many different types of orgasms, the clitoris usually plays an important role in reaching climax or making it feel even better. That's why a clitoral stimulator is a must have in your nightstand drawer, whether for solo play or partnered fun. The Filare has found a permanent home in mine, and I think you'll have no trouble understanding why.

Filare Clitoral Stimulator Features

When I took the Filare out of the package, I turned it on to feel the sensation against my finger and was immediately intrigued. Under the smooth surface, Filare has two little beads that simultaneously spin around in a circle, giving you two points of stimulation. Additional Filare features include:

  • 10 speed settings for customizable intensity
  • Three rotation patterns (clockwise, counterclockwise, or alternating)
  • Two bead heights for customizable pressure

The Filare is also USB rechargeable and waterproof, so you can enjoy it in the tub or shower or anywhere else you want to get wet.

Filare Clitoral Stimulator Review

So, how "clitorate" is Filare? When I first started using the toy, I wished it had a slower base setting, but as I started to get more turned on, I was very pleased with the speed. You can easily change the intensity or direction with the press of a button, and let's just say it gets the job done. (If only it was that easy to change your partner's settings, right?)

One thing to note is that the circulating beads in the model I have don't protrude very far, so no matter the speed setting you're on, the sensation is more like the tip of a tongue lightly touching you than one circling your entire clitoris. However, the brand seems to have addressed this in newer models, which feature dual bead heights, allowing for deeper pressure and that "more tongue" feeling, if that's what you prefer.

Tips For Using the Filare Clitoral Stimulator

After using the Filare for a while, I have some pro tips. First, even though it's not penetrative, I highly recommend using a lube with Filare. The wet feeling helps add to the whole oral-sex-like experience.

Second, consider pairing it with a penetrative sex toy. That means either using two hands or getting your partner to help. But trust me, the dual action is worth the extra effort!

And lastly, if you're into anal play or at least up for exploring it, go ahead and bring the Filare around back. It may have been designed for the clitoris, but it feels great on the anus as well.