5 Important Love Lessons All Women Need to Know (and Follow!)

While dating, it's easy to lose yourself and forget who you are in the process. You give so much to the other person, and eventually your identity as an individual starts to blend with theirs. And some who can't seem to catch a break in the realm of love begin to look inward and wonder if it has something to do with them. To maintain your sanity and self-worth in the midst of relationship trial and error, it's important to keep five lessons in mind. Here's what all women need to know and follow.

1. No one else is responsible for your happiness but yourself.

A partner can contribute to your happiness, but it's not their job. It all starts with you, and you can't put it on him or her to bring you joy. If you're unable to make yourself happy, how can you ever expect anyone else to? Rather than finding a partner for the sake of filling that void, establish a healthy relationship with yourself and you'll find more fulfillment in being alone.

2. Never tolerate anybody who doesn't treat you with respect.

Don't ever allow someone to put you down in any way or hurt you emotionally, mentally, or physically. You should be shown nothing but love and kindness, and anything below that is not to be accepted. Period.

3. Don't chase someone who doesn't see your worth.

Whoever can't understand how lucky they are to have you isn't worth your time or effort. You deserve nothing but the best, so don't settle for a partner who can't live up to that. It's not about being better than him or her, either; it's about being valued. Don't waste your energy on assh*les who don't understand that.

4. Never change who you are for somebody else.

Unless it's for the better, you shouldn't have to alter any of your beliefs, values, opinions, appearance, etc. to please a significant other. Clearly, they don't accept you for who you are and don't appreciate what they have in front of them. If they truly care about you, they'll love every single part of you, flaws and all.

5. You are enough.

Never let anybody convince you otherwise.