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For Trans People, What Does the 'Perfect Body' Really Mean?

Long before we had the vocabulary to define what the "perfect body" looked like, those beauty standards were placed onto women, men, and everyone in between throughout cultures around the world. These ideals have changed from decade to decade, yet the pressure to conform has remained constant. This undeniable truth holds particular weight among trans individuals as the concept of the perfect body takes on new meanings.

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Richie Shazam on Pride, Found Families, and the Power of Truth-Telling

Designer muse, image maker, performance artist, and activist, Richie Shazam is honoring the legacy of pioneering trans women of color. As trans and nonconforming narratives are starting to move to the forefront, she's doing everything in her power to make sure they remain there.

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Youth Sports Are Crucial For All Kids — but Especially Trans Kids

The obvious benefits to participating in sports are just one reason laws and policies that target trans athletes are so infuriating — and why increasing numbers of people are speaking out against them.

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Saucy Santana on the Impact of LGBTQ Artists: "Gays Really Run the World"

You can't tell Saucy Santana he's not a superstar. Born Rashad Spain, the 28-year-old celebrity makeup artist turned rapper stumbled into music in 2019 purely by chance when one of his catchy songs unexpectedly turned into a TikTok hit. But make no mistake: Santana's soaring path to greatness was always meant to be. "I just want to know that I opened the door and started a legacy that others of my culture could carry on," he says.

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We Met on My FYP: Why So Many Queer People Are Connecting on TikTok

From the beginning, the internet has provided a way for people to find each other. For people who don't know other queer people or who are questioning or exploring their sexuality, the internet — and social apps like TikTok — offers a way to find a sense of community, a way to feel seen and understood.

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