I Could Spend Literally All Day Looking at These Photos of Tyler Cameron and His Dog, Harley

Tyler Cameron and his rescue potcake dog, Harley, have been together for years, and we can't stop swooning over their pictures together. If Tyler's recent attractiveness on Matt James's season of The Bachelor wasn't too much to handle, you have to check out these photos. Once you see this adorable duo cuddling, you won't be able to click the "Follow" button fast enough.

Tyler and Harley aren't only precious; they also have a deep relationship. When Tyler was in New York City, Harley stayed with Tyler's mom, Andrea. After Andrea passed, Tyler and Harley became inseparable, and Harley became more important to Tyler than ever before. "Me and Harley are together again always, and it feels like I have a little piece of my mom," Tyler said in an interview with Bustle. "Every night when I need something to hug or whatever . . . I call her into my room, I open up my arms, and she literally comes and lays on my chest. It's the best thing ever. It takes all the pressure off of you and everything's gonna be OK."

As if your heart wasn't already melting from that alone, we've compiled 23 of their sweetest photos from Tyler's Instagram and Harley's too! Don't blame us if they make you say "Awww!" on repeat.

Pictures of Tyler Cameron and His Rescue Dog, Harley

These two are just so photogenic!

Harley's sitting the same way Tyler is. How adorable is that?

Seeing Tyler and Harley cuddle just feels so wholesome.

Talk about best-friend goals!

Yep, it's official: this picture couldn't be cuter.

Tyler is hosting a series called Barkitecture, and Harley helped out!

The two went through a Wendy's drive-through together. If I had a dog as cute as Harley, I'd take her out with me too.

Aww, baby Harley! Now I'm crying a little.

Harley and Tyler comfort each other on tough days. How sweet!

With festive favors, Tyler and Harley had a pup party. How paw-some! (Sorry, I had to.)

When it's time to get up, Harley enjoys waking Tyler with kisses. I can feel the love, and I'm living for it!

BRB, going to cry over how beautiful their relationship is.

It's always time to snuggle for Harley and Tyler!

After Harley rolled in dead fish, she and Tyler took a bath.

Tyler and Harley look so relaxed!

These two friends love a low-key movie night.

A walk on the beach isn't complete without a coconut to play with!

I'll say it . . . I'd be happy in Tyler's or Harley's position.

Tyler and Harley go for a swim! Can I join?