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Cheap Things to Do This Fall

100 Cheap or Free Things to Do This Fall

By the end of Summer, most of us are ready to welcome in the Fall season with open arms. The warm weather's been great, but bundling up in blankets and cozying up with hot beverages sounds more appealing the closer it gets. Not to mention the awesome lineup of holidays! But making the most out of the season doesn't have to require blowing all your money. With the list of 100 cheap or free activities below, frugal fun is more than possible. Check them out and see if you can do them all!

  1. Jump into a pile of leaves.
  2. Make spiked apple cider.
  3. Visit a pumpkin patch.
  4. Make a Halloween DIY.
  5. Go on a ghost tour.
  6. Carve/decorate pumpkins.
  7. Have a scary movie marathon.
  8. Check out a wine harvest.
  9. Make your Halloween costume.
  10. See the best foliage in your state.
  11. Do a corn maze.
  12. Pick apples.
  13. Go to a football game.
  14. Go on a scenic hike.
  15. Curl up with a good book.
  16. DIY Fall candles.
  17. Bake a pie.
  18. Throw a potluck with friends.
  19. Start a gratitude journal.
  20. Press leaves into a book.
  21. Donate to a food drive.
  22. Make seasonal gifts for friends and family.
  23. DIY a Fall-themed manicure.
  24. Knit a scarf.
  25. Make pumpkin spice lattes at home.
  26. Go on a Fall date with your SO or best friend.
  27. Clean out your closet and donate what you don't wear.
  28. Pig out on candy corn.
  29. Check out haunted houses in your neighborhood.
  30. Go for a bike ride.
  31. Celebrate Oktoberfest.
  32. Go camping.
  33. Make a scarecrow.
  34. DIY pinecone fire starters.
  35. Go on a hayride.
  36. Take a road trip.
  37. Check out a Fall festival.
  38. Order the newest seasonal drink at your local coffee shop.
  39. Enjoy the crisp outdoor air.
  40. Build a fire.
  41. Binge watch a series you're behind on.
  42. Feed ducks.
  43. Decorate your home with festive items.
  44. Make a recipe with pumpkin.
  45. Visit a graveyard.
  46. Have a picnic in the park.
  47. Toast pumpkin seeds.
  48. Go for a walk in your favorite park.
  49. Give out Halloween candy.
  50. Go antiquing.
  51. Make caramel apples.
  52. Host an afternoon tea party.
  53. Check out a museum exhibit.
  54. Plan your next vacation.
  55. Build a cozy fort in your living room.
  56. Soak in a hot tub.
  57. Drink hot chocolate.
  58. Listen to music in your pajamas.
  59. Sleep in.
  60. Make a Fall playlist.
  61. Go for a jog.
  62. Visit a farm.
  63. Volunteer.
  64. Take a day off from work and relax.
  65. Transform your home into a hygge paradise.
  66. Watch a play.
  67. Eat apple fritters.
  68. Wander around a flea market.
  69. Check out the Fall farmers market.
  70. Make chili or a stew.
  71. Go to a free concert.
  72. Have a sleepover.
  73. Do hot yoga.
  74. Make Thanksgiving cards.
  75. Pig out on seasonal snacks.
  76. Make corn husk crafts.
  77. Collect leaves.
  78. Take your Christmas photo.
  79. Cuddle up with a loved one.
  80. Visit an animal shelter.
  81. Watch Halloween and Thanksgiving TV specials.
  82. Make a bucket list.
  83. Take Fall-themed Instagram photos.
  84. Be a tourist in your city.
  85. Watch every Harry Potter movie.
  86. Catch up with old friends.
  87. Bob for apples.
  88. Read ghost stories.
  89. Make homemade popcorn.
  90. Run a race.
  91. Start (and finish) a giant puzzle.
  92. Host a board game night.
  93. Go on brewery tour and drink their seasonal offerings.
  94. Pick up a new hobby.
  95. Unplug for a whole weekend.
  96. Look through old photos.
  97. Find a plaid flannel shirt at a thrift store.
  98. Go to your local bookstore.
  99. Start a journal.
  100. Go paddle boating at a lake.
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