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Top Searched Halloween Costumes in Every State | 2020

Here Are the Top-Searched Halloween Costumes in Each State — What's Your Hometown Wearing?

If you've already Googled "What should I be for Halloween this year?" you're not alone. Determining what the best 2020 costume is depends on a variety of factors, including but not limited to what's hot in pop culture, what you have laying around your house for a DIY outfit, what your friends are dressing as, and so much more.

If you're wondering what the top trends will be, Google just released it's 2020 list of the most popular Halloween costumes in each state, and the results are a mixed bag of creative fun. From California to New York, costume-lovers are taking it upon themselves to dress to impress this year. Traditional witch costumes continue to dominate, nationally, while some states are looking to popular movies and other pop culture sources for inspiration.

Whether you're wondering what the hottest costume is nationwide or you simply want to check out some idea options, you won't be disappointed by this list. Ahead, find out what your home state is dressing up as this year and get ready to get your haunt on.

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