Here Are the Top-Searched Halloween Costumes in Each State — What's Your Hometown Wearing?

If you've already Googled "What should I be for Halloween this year?" you're not alone. Determining what the best 2020 costume is depends on a variety of factors, including but not limited to what's hot in pop culture, what you have laying around your house for a DIY outfit, what your friends are dressing as, and so much more.

If you're wondering what the top trends will be, Google just released it's 2020 list of the most popular Halloween costumes in each state, and the results are a mixed bag of creative fun. From California to New York, costume-lovers are taking it upon themselves to dress to impress this year. Traditional witch costumes continue to dominate, nationally, while some states are looking to popular movies and other pop culture sources for inspiration.

Whether you're wondering what the hottest costume is nationwide or you simply want to check out some idea options, you won't be disappointed by this list. Ahead, find out what your home state is dressing up as this year and get ready to get your haunt on.

Alabama: Harley Quinn

A hot costume for the last couple years, the idea of being Harley Quinn isn't going anywhere any time soon — especially in Alabama. High pigtails (one colored blue and the other pink), distressed pinstripe shorts, and a long-sleeve shirt are all you need to become this iconic character. Wear a bold necklace, colorful gloves, and a black belt with a padlock. Now, you're ready to hit the town.

Alaska: Beetlejuice

Alaskans know a good movie when they see one. The name of the game for this movie-inspired costume is to look stone-cold dead. Pale face, green "mold," and dark eyes go perfectly with a striped top.

Arizona: Rabbit

Whether you're channeling Regina George, Elle Woods, or your favorite pet, being a rabbit is about as easy as can be. You'll just need to wear white clothes with bunny ears and a tail.

Arkansas: Doll

Want to be cute and creepy this year? Arkansas folks are dressing up as dolls, and wow, are these costumes creative. You can look like a doll by going all out with eye makeup — brightening white liner along the lower lash line is a must for achieving a doe-eyed effect, as are false lashes and multiple coats of mascara. Finish off your look with a big bow.

California: Witch

Classic and traditional, you can't go wrong when you dress up as a witch. A black hat is the main accessory here, along with alluring makeup and enchanting jewelry. Carry around a spell book for emphasis.

Colorado: Dinosaur

The outdoorsy folks of Colorado are going back in time by channeling their love for these prehistoric creatures this Halloween. There are a ton of different ways to be a dinosaur, but we suggest going for scaly and colorful makeup.

Connecticut: Powerpuff Girls

If you're going to be the Powerpuff Girls this Halloween, you and two friends will need blue, red, and green outfits. Add black belts to the ensembles and if you don't have any, you can easily replace them with black duct tape.

Delaware: Doll

Delaware likes the idea of being a doll, and we fully support it. You can take this costume to the next level by adding a creepy cracked twist. To re-create it at home, it's best to free-hand sporadic cracks all over your face using a black fine-tip waterproof eyeliner. A pencil works well for the larger areas and a liquid felt-tip version will help define the thin lines — aka "cracks."

District of Columbia: Beyoncé

DC is turning up the heat this year by channeling the biggest icon of all: Beyoncé. To re-create this superstar's look, you'll need cut-off jean shorts, a yellow sweatshirt, and tall boots.

Florida: Rabbit

Keep your costume as hot as the Florida weather this Halloween when you dress up as a bunny. The key piece to this costume is a set of ears, so once you have those, the rest of the costume is up to you.

Georgia: Witch

There's no denying that Winifred Sanderson is everyone's favorite witch. Not only is her look iconic, but so is her Hocus Pocus character as a whole. You can transform into this witch by sporting your brightest orange updo and wearing bright red lipstick in the middle of your lips. Now tell us, do you smell children, too?

Hawaii: Monsters, Inc.

It looks like Hawaii has some Disney fans! To make everyone scream this Halloween, dress up as this cute Monsters, Inc. twosome. To copy Mike Wazowski's look, you just need to wear an all-green outfit. You can attach a large cutout of an eyeball to your shirt if you really want to make the costume come to life. Sulley should be in blue and purple clothes, and if you can find anything fuzzy, feel free to use it as an accessory.

Idaho: Witch

Uh oh, it looks like Idaho is trying to cast a spell on us this year! To be a less-than-basic witch, feel free to try a new makeup look. Purple hues, moons and stars, and black accents will make this look come to life.

Illinois: Dinosaur

If you have a big dino onesie, your costume is pretty much complete. Bundle up in that, and complete your costume with scaly makeup. FYI, this Halloween costume is known for being (pre)historically cool.

Indiana: Witch

If you're into experimenting with spells, why not try experimenting with makeup this holiday? Take the classic witch costume to a whole new realm when you draw, paint, and display the most well-known witch-inspired motifs onto your face. Think: bubbling cauldrons, spiderwebs, black cats, and witchy hats.

Iowa: Chucky

Tell us, Iowa, is there anything creepier than Chucky? Re-create this scary character's look by wearing a rainbow shirt underneath overalls and pairing the outfit with sneakers. Then, draw cuts and scrapes all over your face and carry around a fake knife.

Kansas: Mickey Mouse

We knew we could count on Kansas to have a classic and cute Halloween idea! This year, Kansas residents are looking for Mickey Mouse costumes, proving that the beloved Disney character is still as magical as ever before. To dress up as Mickey, you'll need to wear a black shirt with a red skirt or pants, and large mouse ears. Now go make some dreams come true!

Kentucky: Zombie

Welp, Kentucky is freaking us out this year. Tons of locals are dressing as zombies, and we are totally chilled. To copy their idea, you'll need to load up on the gory, gooey, and bloody makeup.

Louisiana: Witch

Louisiana residents know that there's nothing better than being a classic witch. All you need is a black hat and spellbinding makeup, and you'll enchant everyone whose path you cross.

Maine: Dinosaur

Maine is about to put all other costumes to shame. To re-create this cool dinosaur look, you'll need neon green lipstick and eyeshadow. Gold sparkles and an equally scaly hoodie will complete the look.

Maryland: Maleficent

Maleficent is the baddest of them all, and Maryland is all about it. To be this Disney demon, you need to dress in head-to-toe black and pick up some horns. You can use dark makeup to contour your cheekbones and bright red lipstick for your lips.

Massachusetts: Dinosaur

Massachusetts, we know you can take things up a notch on the basic dinosaur costume when you put a Jurassic Park spin on it. Wear a Jurassic Park tee, and cover your face in dinosaur-inspired makeup.

Michigan: Rabbit

Shake things up this year when you dress up as the alluring Jessica Rabbit. A satin red dress with purple gloves are key here, along with a sinfully sexy makeup look.

Minnesota: Witch

As Ursula once said, "Life's full of tough choices, isn't it?" But being the baddest sea witch of them all is one choice that you don't even need to think twice about. You'll need to cover yourself in purple body paint (or just wear a purple and black dress), throw on your favorite conch shell necklace, and complete your look with blue eyeshadow and red lipstick. How does it feel to rule the seven seas?

Mississippi: Angel

If you've been nothing but good this year, you're destined to dress up as an angel. You'll need a little white outfit, a halo, and some heavenly makeup.

Missouri: Dinosaur

Missouri hopped on the dino train, too, and we're here for it. Take things to the next level by copying this dinosaur look — it's sure to give people chills! Paint your face in lime green and purple makeup, and get ready to eat up the rest of the costume-contest competition.

Montana: The Purge

Montana folks, we know you're dead serious about looking scary this Halloween, but how about we make this year's The Purge look a little cuter? You can re-create a mask from the movie by drawing neon makeup over your face and wearing a bright shirt (you can cover it in blood if you really want to spook people). You'll need make sure you have the letter "X" over both eyes, and you should make it look like your mouth has been stitched together. Now, be careful out there.

Nebraska: Joker

Re-create the Joker's infamous look by dying your hair green or throwing on a wig. From there, apply white face paint to your whole face. Once that sets, you'll need to add the clown-like details. A large red smile that stretches from cheek to cheek and a red nose are essential, along with blue triangles above and below your eyes. Draw on red eyebrows on the top of your forehead, and get ready to spook all those around you.

Nevada: Witch

Nevada's not messing around this Halloween! Dress up as the Wicked Witch of the West by wearing a black hat with a black dress, and tons of green body paint. Then, cause mayhem all night long.

New Hampshire: Devil

Being bad never looked so good, and New Hampshire knows this to be true. To be a devil, you can get as creative as you want. Wear an all-red outfit or paint your body in red body paint, and attach horns to your forehead. You'll look so chilling, other states will be spooked until next year.

New Jersey: Witch

Remember Glinda the good witch from The Wizard of Oz? She is enchanting and glamorous, and most notably is the Wicked Witch's beautiful rival. You'll need sparkles, glitter, and magical wishes to re-create her dreamy look. A wand and large crown will make this costume a dream come true.

New Mexico: Clueless

Feeling nostalgic, New Mexico? There's no better '90s costume than being Cher or Dionne! You'll need their iconic plaid two-piece sets, your favorite '90s accessories, and some serious 'tude — because as if you'd be anything else.

New York: Dinosaur

In a concrete jungle, it's fun to think about larger-than-life creatures that roamed the once skyscraper-free land. To make a dinosaur costume city chic, we recommend doing a killer makeup look on one eye to imitate that of a prehistoric animal. Pair that with black lipstick, and all eyes will be on you.

North Carolina: Dinosaur

If there's a chill in the North Carolina air this Halloween, dress up as a warm dinosaur. You'll need a dino onesie and some face makeup to make your costume hauntingly cool.

North Dakota: Star Wars

May the Force be with all the people of North Dakota. This year, the state is going with a costume idea that's outta-this-galaxy cool, and we're so here for it. If you want to hop aboard this trend, you'll need to pick which character you want to be and grab your lightsaber!

Ohio: Witch

If you're into pop culture, then this is the witch to be. Dressing up as Sabrina Spellman from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina requires wearing a red sweater with a white collar and black headband. Dark red lipstick will make your costume totally charming.

Oklahoma: Dragon

Maybe Oklahomans are missing Game of Thrones, or maybe they just love the idea of being something more mystical than a dinosaur (sorry, Colorado and friends). Channel your magical makeup powers when you transform into a dragon this year. You'll need to create the look of scales on your skin and wear a pair of pointy wings to make the costume come to life. Bonus points if you breathe fire.

Oregon: Fortnite

Fortnite for the win! You can re-create Oregon's hottest costume by copying your favorite Fortnite character's look. If you like Zoey, all you have to do is wear a pink dress or tunic with black-and-white striped pants, a pink hat, and a green wig. Game on.

Pennsylvania: Witch

Let's face it, Pennsylvania isn't the warmest neck of the woods this time of year. Dress up as the White Witch from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by wearing a tall crown, a white dress, and chilling face makeup.

Rhode Island: Hermione Granger

Watch out — Rhode Island is about to leave you spellbound! The Potterheads of RI are dressing up as Hermione Granger this year, meaning a magical night awaits. To dress up as this wizard, you'll need a red-and-yellow tie, a white button-up shirt, and a black blazer. Don't forget your wand!

South Carolina: Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman: an icon in every way. Dress up as this superhero by wearing a red shirt, a gold headband, and gold accessories. If you're super at doing makeup, you can re-create this cute comic book look in no time.

South Dakota: Spider

South Dakota, we see you! Being a spider is not only kind of creepy, but it's also kind of cute. Spiderweb eye makeup is the move here, along with spider jewelry and a mesh shirt. You'll be creepy (and crawly!) before you know it.

Tennessee: Harley Quinn

The movie-lovers of Tennessee have spoken, and they nominate Harley Quinn as this year's costume inspiration. Blue and pink pigtails are key here, along with a "Daddy's Lil Monster" tee.

Texas: Harley Quinn

It looks like Texas is on the Harley Quinn train, too! You'll need blue and red shorts, fishnets, and a large mallet to make this costume a 10 out of 10 — and, of course, her iconic pigtails.

Utah: Witch

Let the Halloween festivities commence when you dress up as Mary Sanderson. She's spunky, fun, and quirky, just like the best Halloween costumes. To be her, you need to style your hair into a wonky ponytail and wear red lipstick. Finish off your look with an orange-and-pink dress.

Vermont: Deer

Vermont is enjoying its great outdoors so much so that the residents are dressing up as their favorite wilderness creature. To be a deer, you'll have to dress in brown clothing and find little antlers to put on your head. Finish off the look with white-spotted makeup and a small black nose.

Virginia: Rabbit

Blast back into the past when you dress up as this Space Jam icon Lola Bunny. You'll need to wear a white tank top and white shorts, as well as carry around a basketball. Write "Tune Squad" across your shirt, and your costume will be a slam dunk.

Washington: Angel

Being a good angel was so last year. Turn up the creep factor this Halloween when you transform into an Angel of Death. Think: all-black clothing with black wings, a black halo, and chilling black face makeup. See you in the Underworld.

West Virginia: Zombie

OK, so zombies are cool and all, but being a princess zombie is even better. Bloody makeup, a white dress, and a tiny tiara will make you feel totally alive.

Wisconsin: Witch

Calling all Hocus Pocus-lovers! Sarah Sanderson is a fan-favorite witch, as she's funny, entertaining, and (most importantly) played by Sarah Jessica Parker. To dress up as her this Halloween, you'll need to make sure your brows are dark and defined, wear deep red lipstick, and a purple and red dress. Time to cast spells on fellow Wisconsin folks!

Wyoming: Physician

This year, show your respect for those who put their lives on the line by dressing up as a physician this Halloween. Wear a Superman or Superwoman costume and pair it with a face mask, and you'll be proof that doctors really are true heroes.