Taylor Swift's Aura Explains Everything We Need to Know About Her Dating Patterns

Red lips, white dress, indigo eyes: Taylor Swift is famous for including color references in her songs. And when she sings about "that lavender haze" in her latest album, "Midnights," she may be speaking metaphysically rather than metaphorically. When aura reader Megan Firester, also known as Mystic Michaela, author of "What's My Aura?," looks at Swift, she sees "deep purple" and "shimmery and sparkly yellow."

Auras are a lot like personality types but on a much, much deeper level, Firester says. "Auras are an energy signature around each person; they represent the authentic vibrational waves you naturally give out and help you understand yourself," she tells POPSUGAR.

This means Swift's lavender-haze aura can reveal a lot about the singer's personality, values, and — tantalizingly — dating habits. (Are she and football pro Travis Kelce meant to be? Let's see!)

What Is an Aura?

According to some aura experts, auras date back to ancient Egypt, during which time Egyptians believed the colorful glows to be the "life force that sustained the pharaohs and their power." In traditional Chinese medicine, auras are an energy source that's important for maintaining each person's well-being.

As Firester says, knowing your aura can help you "live life more authentically in every facet of life — career, relationship to self, money, working out, motivation, relationships, and even your personal style."

To figure out your unique hues, a professional (like Firester) can do an aura reading for you. Or, you can use your phone to try to identify your auras on your own. Firester suggests sitting in front of a white wall and filming yourself while you meditate. "After a few minutes of this, you can watch the video back to see if you spot any colors," she says.

You may need to tap into your third-eye chakra to strengthen your aura-seeing ability, Firester notes. Your third eye is located in the middle of your forehead and is felt on a subconscious, spiritual level — similarly to how it may feel to meditate. You can strengthen your third-eye skills by practicing yoga, meditation, and visualization, Firester adds.

Aura Color Meanings

There are eight aura colors in total — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and pink — and each has a specific vibe. "Learning to lean into and understand the feelings each color emanates can assist with reading your aura as well as the auras of others around you. Even if you don't actually see them," Firester says. According to her, here are some of the key aura color characteristics:

  • Red: direct and assertive
  • Orange: focused and energetic
  • Green: logical and intellectual
  • Blue: sensitive and empathetic
  • Yellow: organized and curious
  • Purple: creative and intuitive
  • Indigo: introverted and honest
  • Pink: optimistic and loving

What Is Taylor Swift's Aura?

Swift's aura colors are purple and yellow. "As a yellow aura, she values organization, perfection, and commitment to excellence," Firester says. ("Commitment to excellence" translation = selling out her global Eras stadium tour.) As for her purple side: "Purple auras are artists by nature and relish in living outside the lines others want to draw around them," Firester says. ("Living outside the lines others want to draw around her" translation = rerecording all of her albums so she owns the rights to them.)

Firester says the fact that Swift's aura is both yellow and purple may present some internal struggles for the star. Namely, she may feel conflicted between her desires for structure and spontaneity.

What Does Taylor Swift's Aura Say About Her Dating Habits?

Firester took a look at the auras of some of Swift's former BFs, and she noticed a pattern — something she's coining Swift's "aura dating pattern." According to Firester, Swift tends to find "long-term potential" in partners with green auras. For example, her relationships that have seemed to pull her in and resulted in a dynamic artistic shift have all been green-aura partners, such as Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Joe Alwyn, Firester says.

People with green auras tend to be firm in their beliefs, have an excellent ability to explain their own perspective, think brilliantly, and take the lead in relationships. "Taylor has found comfort in these relationships, thinking they are more stable, permanent, and lasting," Firester says.

After her relationship with someone who had a green aura ends, Swift has historically pursued a partner with purple/blue aura. According to Firester, these purple/blue relationships give Swift space to "find her own voice and find her way back to her own perspective."

"Blue purple men are very comfortable with letting others take the lead. They have an evolving perspective on the world around them and rarely feel the need to stick to one belief system or way of thinking over time," Firester says. "They aren't comfortable being leaders in a relationship; rather, they are supportive of their partner taking their own roads when necessary."

Purple auras in Swift's dating history? Taylor Lautner, Harry Styles, and . . . Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's Compatibility, Based on Their Aura Colors

Firester says Kelce's aura is a combination of purple and blue. "[Purple shows us] he's creative, excited about life, and doesn't fear new thoughts or ideas," she says. The blue tones, meanwhile, indicate that Kelce is emotional and likes to surround himself with the people closest to him, like friends and family.

This primes Kelce to be a great partner for Swift on the heels of her six-year relationship with Joe Alwyn. "Taylor can feel the support and encouragement of Travis to have fun, speak her mind, and give voice to her creative flow without worrying about how it will affect him," Firester says. "[Kelce] doesn't need a label at this time."

But could there be longevity to this situationship? Forester says potentially — and that Swift may actually be surprised by this herself. "I do get that she feels a bit more attached than she thought she would, and that feels exciting and interesting for them both," Firester says. "The purple auras of Travis and Taylor are having a dynamic and fun time together. I feel like they are learning a lot, feeling safe and excited together as they ride this wave in the public eye, and I do get that they have one another's backs."

Time will only tell what happens for these two, but if it's anything like Swift's previous dating history, we can expect to at least get an epic album from it.