Loosen Up Your Tight Back With This 20-Minute Stretch Sequence You Can Do Anywhere

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A sore, tight back is no joke. And the way we live our lives — hunched over a computer, slouching on a couch, or sleeping wrong in bed — can certainly lead to tightness in your back. Even if you work out and stretch regularly, you may not be paying enough attention to your back.

Luckily, NASM-certified personal trainer Sydney Cummings has a 20-minute stretching sequence aimed at relieving tightness in your back. All you need is some space to lie down and stretch out your arms and legs, and a yoga mat if you need some support. She'll walk you through moves such as Cat-Cow, Child's Pose, and Downward-Facing Dog. This is the perfect stretching sequence to start your day off to get some movement, or to wind down before bed. Make sure you give your back a little TLC and do this stretching routine to loosen up.