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Funny Uber Eats Requests

17 of the Most Hilarious Uber Eats Requests — Stromboli With a Side of Ranch?!

Uber Eats Users Who Like Their Food EXTRA Spicy
Image Source: Getty / Eugene Mymrin

When it comes to ordering takeout, my notes for the restaurant are usually something simple along the lines of "no olives" or "extra guac please." Depending on where you're from, though, it looks like requests can vary pretty drastically. For instance, if you're from New York, it's more likely that you're an extra sauce, extra spicy, extra cheese, no tomato, and no onions kind of person, according to a recent report released by Uber Eats. Similarly, people from the US in general are more about extra ranch, dressing on the side, and getting our hands on every ketchup packet we possibly can.

As normal as that all might seem, some people like to go the extra mile and make their food requests as detailed as possible . . . so detailed that I find it difficult to believe anyone other than them would ever order that. From a chocolate milkshake with a side of ranch to a bowl of poke with a side of mayo, restaurants have heard it all. Check out some of the strangest, most hilarious, and most common Uber eats food requests ahead.

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