Sneaky, Sneaky! Here's How to Play Among Us With an Invisible Name

Among Us
Among Us

If you're wondering how to keep it as suspect as possible on Among Us and play with with no name, it's actually a lot easier than you would think. Playing with no name makes it harder for other users to identify you, whether you're an average crewmate completing tasks and avoiding being killed or a sneaky Impostor who's secretly plotting to kill everyone. If you're on the sneakier impostor path, playing with an invisible name will make it easier to sneak around and do all your evil plotting in peace.

To play with no name, you first have to copy a Unicode Character U+3164 or Hangul Filler, which is a special blank character that Among Us will identify as a real name. Just pasting a regular blank space will not work, but the app should let you in using this code. It's important to remember to not copy the quotation marks, just the blank space in between. Once that's done, open your Among Us app to land on the welcome page. As you choose your match, you will see a space above to type your username. Paste the unicode character into that space, and you should see the cursor move along to indicate it's there. Once that's finished, tap "done" and you should be allowed in the game with a super-sneaky invisible username. If you prefer to test it out first, try entering Freeplay and making sure your technique worked before starting all your evil incognito affairs in the real game.

Even though you'll still have an identifiable color, playing this way will allow you to be a deceitfully nameless killer as an Impostor, helping you up your game. And if you're just a crewmate, it's still a cool trick to do that will keep it real suspect and even more interesting.