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Nantucket Summer House

It's no secret that POPSUGAR has a little love affair going, and it's with Summer: its sunny disposition, barely-there wear, and feel-good vibes make us want to escape to the sea all season long!

That's why this Summer, we invited 20 influencers to wave Bye-95 and join us in one dreamy, shingle-style home on the shore of our favorite New England island.

Check out the photos below, and see how we celebrated Summer at the POPSUGAR Nantucket House.


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Summer Skin Care

I've never been a real makeup junkie, but I've always appreciated a well-made-up face. I started wearing lip gloss at 12 and eyeliner at 13 (sorry, Mom — I snuck it in my backpack and put it on at school each morning), and by 18 I was applying my face each morning prior to heading off to class. But each Summer, I gave my face a break as I spent my days lifeguarding at the neighborhood pool.

Fast-forward a dozen or so years and all of that changed. My years in the sun and my haphazard sunscreen application had taken their toll. Sunspots, the early signs of wrinkles and crow's feet, and leftover acne scars left me covering up my face every chance I got. Even in the sweltering dog days of Summer, you wouldn't catch me without a layer of foundation — or a rather thick tinted moisturizer — on my face, even if I was just taking a walk in the park. I really didn't mind it; it was just part of my routine. But I was insanely jealous of all of those girls who posted photos in which they looked casual, relaxed, and makeup-free on their warm-weather vacations.

I was determined to be one of them but wasn't sure where to start . . . until I was invited to visit POPSUGAR's Nantucket House last month.

There's always more to learn. On today's lesson plan? An antiaging skincare routine. Look, we're not saying that youthful and beautiful are one and the same — they're not and shouldn't be! But as much as we wish it weren't true, losing radiance in your skin is just something that can happen in your mid-20s. And a little glow from within never hurt anyone. So, if that's something you're looking to achieve and maintain as your skin matures, we're prepared to equip you with the right tools. Follow along as we break down how to handle those first signs of aging.
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