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Health Benefits of Coffee

Why Coffee May Have More Health Benefits Than Tea

We've been trying to cut back on caffeine here at FitSugar, but many of you are into having that daily cup of joe. And you may have good reason. Study after study have found that there are many more benefits to drinking coffee than just its ability to prevent you from falling asleep at your desk. Want to know why one researcher recently called the beverage "more healthful than tea"?

Check out the healthy findings below.

  • Reduces the risk of stroke. A recent study found that drinking coffee may decrease the risk of stroke in women by up to 25 percent. Another study among male coffee drinkers who smoked found similar results; both of these findings, however, still need to be researched further.
  • Eases muscle pain: Whether you're a seasoned coffee drinker or not, drinking coffee before a workout can prevent post-workout soreness.
  • Improves memory: New research shows that caffeine in coffee has a positive effect on memory and thought processes.
  • Keeps you regular: Coffee may help you "go" for a few reasons. Drinking warm liquids gets things moving, and just the fact that it's a liquid helps as well, since staying hydrated is one way to prevent constipation. And coffee itself is a powerful stimulant that encourages muscle contractions in the digestive tract.
  • Reduces risk of disease: The antioxidants in coffee have been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, gallstones, and Parkinson’s. Coffee may even help relieve asthma and prevent cavities.
  • Increases endurance. Running a race? Studies have found that drinking a cup of coffee before can help increase your endurance, although better performance was not seen for short-term, high-intensity exercise.

Although coffee has many health benefits (as does tea!), it isn't a miracle beverage by any means. Drinking too much can contribute to high blood pressure, sleep issues, headaches, and digestive problems. But there's no need to give up on your java habit entirely. Just stick to 300 milligrams or less of caffeinated beverages a day.

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