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Young Celebrities Who Challenge Traditional Beauty Standards

These Millennial Role Models Will Change Your Perspective of Beauty

Young Celebrities Who Challenge Traditional Beauty Standards
Image Source: Instagram

You know how some older people always talk about how they're scared for our generation? Yeah, I don't buy it. Not a single, tiny, fraction of a bit. Millennials like taking selfies, watch tons of Netflix, and spend too much time scrolling through Tumblr . . . but we're also some of the loudest voices speaking out against intolerance in today's society. One way that millennials combat antiquated ideals is by rejecting mainstream beauty standards, choosing confidence and individuality over old-fashioned notions of attractiveness.

A few famous teens and 20-somethings stand out in this regard, using their influence to inspire a movement of love and acceptance among millennial women. By spreading knowledge, love, and subversive new hair and makeup trends, these inspiring celebs serve as role models for an entire generation of beauty addicts. Read on to discover how these 10 ladies are redefining beauty in 2016.

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