23 Nude Nail Art Ideas to Mix Up Your Basic Manicure

We've seen nail trends come and go, but nude nails will never go out of style. Don't get us wrong, we love decking our nails out in colorful patterns, but there's nothing more chic and timeless than classic nude nails with designs.

Nude nail art is incredibly versatile. Think: floral designs, french tips, nude nails with glitter, nude nails with rhinestones, and even ombré. This isn't a trend that requires long nails, either. Short nude nails come in a variety of prints, patterns, and styles. The designs truly favor all nail shapes and lengths. The possibilities are endless when it comes to sprucing up minimalist nude nails — any design you can think of can be achieved on neutral-toned nails.

It doesn't matter if you're wearing a lavish gown or a plain T-shirt with jeans, nude nails are guaranteed to pair wonderfully with any outfit you have on. And whether you have a big event coming up and want to splurge on short nude acrylic nails or just need a new mani idea to start the month fresh, nude nail art is perfect for any occasion, all year round.

Ahead, we put together a list of the best nude nails with designs. Look through for inspiration and get ready to bookmark your favorites to show to your nail tech.

Nude Nail Designs: Red French Tips

Take a classic french manicure up a notch with red tips on a glossy, nude base.

Nude Nail Designs: Half-Moon Dots

Half-moon nails are a fun way to approach any manicure. These nude nails have tiny black dots to dress them up.

Nude Nail Designs: Glazed-Doughnut Nails

These short nude nails were given the glazed-doughnut treatment for extra shine.

Nude Nail Designs: Nude Nails With Glitter

The best part about nude nails? They pair amazingly well with colors like mauve and gold as seen in this lovely manicure.

Nude Nail Designs: Nail Stickers

Using nail stickers is one of the easiest ways to dress up your nude nail art.

Nude Nail Designs: Gold Accents

This nude manicure plays around with different polish shades and features gold detailing on one finger.

Nude Nail Designs: Nude Nails With Rhinestones

Having nude nails as your base will make multi-colored rhinestones really pop.

Nude Nail Designs: Nude Nails with Glitter

An easy way to make your nude nails stand out is by adding glitter polish to an accent finger.

Nude Nail Designs: Snowflake Nails

This stunning set features nude nails with snowflake designs on a few fingers.

Nude Nail Designs: Brown and White V-Cut French

These short nude acrylic nails feature a brown and white v-cut french tip.

Nude Nail Designs: Sleek Lines

Adding different linear designs to each nail adds a creative touch while still keeping it sophisticated.

Nude Nail Designs: Marble Tips

We're obsessed with this nude manicure featuring a marble tip.

Nude Nail Designs: Brown French Tips

Turn heads with this nude art nail design featuring french tips and an accent nail of flowers.

Nude Nail Designs: Short Nude Nails

Small dots and hearts on short nude nails keep the mani classy and minimal.

Nude Nail Designs: Side-Tip French

Trade in your classic french tip for a side-tip french in alternating colors.

Nude Nail Designs: Nude Ombré Tip

Nude nails can be just as bold as colorful ones — just look at this ombré nude manicure.

Nude Nail Designs: Glitter Tips

Instead of putting glitter on your entire nail, try opting for a glittered tip.

Nude Nail Designs: Sparkly Nude

Minimal yet bold, this set sees a sheer sparkly top coat layered over nude nails.

Nude Nail Designs: Cable-Knit Sweater Design

Embrace the sweater weather down to your nails and opt for this cable-knit design on your nude manicure.

Nude Nail Designs: Leopard Print

Add leopard print to your nude nails for an extra touch of personality.

Nude Nail Designs: Striped Celestial Nails

These short nude acrylic nails feature different classy designs on each fingertip like rhinestones, stripes, and celestial nail art.

Nude Nail Designs: Floral Print

This manicure features nude french tips with floral designs.

Nude Nail Designs: V-Cut French Tip

You can never go wrong with a v-cut french tip on nude nails. Mix it up by adding different colors such as gold and black.