Shay Mitchell's Tiny Tattoos Serve as Big Ink Inspiration

  • Shay Mitchell has four known tattoos, each with a sentimental meaning.
  • Each design is small in size and can all be seen on her hands.
  • One tattoo is dedicated to her long-running "Pretty Little Liars" character, Emily.

Shay Mitchell first gained widespread recognition for her iconic portrayal of Emily Fields in the hit mystery thriller "Pretty Little Liars." Ever since then, the Canadian model and actor has appeared in a handful of projects, including "You" and "Dollface," with her latest holiday movie "Something From Tiffany's" recently hitting Amazon Prime. When PLL wrapped up its story after seven successful seasons in 2017, Mitchell didn't just take home lifelong friendships she made on set with other cast members — she also got a memorable tattoo with five of her co-stars, including Lucy Hale, Ashley Benson, Sasha Pieterse, Troian Bellisario, and Janel Parrish.

Since then, Mitchell has added more meaningful ink to her tattoo collection. Though all four of her body tattoos are small in size, each are special and striking in they're own right as they employ minimalism ink to best effects. The actor has dabbled with white ink, roman numerals, and tiny block letters to bring about the tattoos of her dreams. Continue reading for a closer look at all of Mitchell's four tattoos, and learn what each one means to her.


Shay Mitchell’s Matching PLL Tattoo

To commemorate the end of an era, the cast of PLL decided to go for an impromptu tattoo session on their last shoot together in Oct 2016, where each got the initial letter of their fictional counterparts on their "Shhh" finger, popularized by the show's title theme. Mitchell got "e." inked on the inside of her right index finger.

During a 2017 Refinery 29 interview, Mitchell revealed that she was not entirely receptive to the idea, broached by Benson, not because she was against the matching-ink suggestion, but because she was worried about the intense pain that comes with going under the needle. "I didn't want to be a part of this at all!" she told the publication. "I don't understand what's wrong with Henna, why can't we get something like that? Not because of the permanent factor, but because of it's painful. And on your finger, it's even more painful! So, I mean, I ended up doing it, I just held onto everybody's hands and was sweating profusely. But I made it."


Shay Mitchell’s “Honey” Tattoo

In 2018, Mitchell debuted her fresh "Honey" tattoo on Instagram that she got during her visit to the Coachella Music Festival. The ink is placed on the back of her left hand, the small text curving on the skin between her thumb and index finger. While the meaning of this ink hasn't been confirmed, she got it done by celebrity tattoo artist JonBoy.


Shay Mitchell’s Roman Numeral Tattoo

Mitchell got a set of Roman numbers "I IV III" on her right wrist, which depicts the coded-numeral form of the letters of the phrase "I Love You," 143. She got it in 2017 by her trusted go-to tattooist JonBoy.


Shay Mitchell’s Infinity Love Tattoo

Mitchell has a blink-and-you'll-miss-it white-ink tattoo on the inside of her left wrist. The artwork includes an infinity with the word "Love" woven into it. While unveiling the ink on her Instagram, Mitchell dedicated this tattoo to her friends. "Infinite love for my #girls," she captioned the image of her new ink. She got it in 2012, and it became her very first tattoo.