Star Nails: The Stellar Manicure Trend You've Been Waiting For

Your nails can be an extension of your personality and style. Things like flowers and smiley faces make great nail art designs, but there's something chic and simple about stars. There are a lot of things that might come to mind when you think of stars — astrology, constellations, nighttime, maybe even Vincent Van Gogh — and that's exactly the point. It's a shape that can present itself in a myriad of ways and feels appropriate year-round, no matter the occasion.

In the summertime, opting for bright, mood-boosting colors can make your star manicure feel perfectly suited for the hot temps. In the winter, color combinations of white, red, gold, and silver instantly make for holiday nails. On the list of nail designs, stars fall somewhere between trendy and cool, and classic depending on how you wear them. Pairing star decals or nail stickers with a neutral base creates a subtler look, while layering stars of different colors with a line brush can make your nails pop. This type of manicure is a bit more fun and playful than your traditional french manicure or half-moon nails, but not quite as bold as something like the "lava-lamp" nails trend.

Nails with stars fit right in with the swell of minimal beauty trends we've seen, especially in the nail space, like glazed-doughnut, supermodel, and milk-bath nails. Starry nails can work in tandem with all of the previously mentioned trends, but if you prefer to make a big statement, you can try neon colors or add glitter to jazz them up. If you needed further proof that star nails are undoubtedly in, see Taylor Swift's "Midnights" nails and Lizzo's green and gold rendition.

Ahead, find examples of star nails to inspire your next salon appointment.

Star Nails: Nude Polish With Tiny Gold Stars

If you like super subtle nail designs, this manicure with nude polish and dainty gold stars is perfect.

Star Nails: Glazed-Doughnut Nails With Stars

The glazed-doughnut nail trend makes for the perfect base for your star manicure.

Star Nails: Glitter Pastel French Tips With Gold Stars

You can combine a french manicure with a starry design like this person did for a look that's uniquely you.

Star Nails: Pink and Gold Stars

If you can't pick a color for your stars, go with two complementary shades like hot pink and gold.

Star Nails: White Stars With Negative Space

These clear, milky nails have one large white star in the center of them for an understated take on the trend.

Star Nails: Pink French Tips With Stars

Using different shades of the same color – in this case pink — for your design creates some fun contrast.

Star Nails: Nude Polish With Glittery Stars

A neutral base polish with glittery stars on top make for a clean, chic manicure.

Star Nails: Pastel Pink, Purple, and White Stars

This pastel-toned manicure has stars and 3D accents for an eye-catching design.

Star Nails: Mismatched Black, White, and Negative Space Stars

Stars are a great addition to mismatched nails. Keeping the colors more muted with white, black, and clear polish makes the manicure super wearable.