Hilarie Burton’s Birthday Message For Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is So Sweet, Everyone Should Take Notes

If you thought you loved Jeffrey Dean Morgan more than Hilarie Burton does, you might want to reconsider. On Wednesday, in honor of Jeffrey's 54th birthday, Hilarie posted a heartfelt message on Instagram that not only included photos of their corresponding tattoos, but also their cute children. The couple, who tied the knot in 2019, have been together since 2009 (when Jensen Ackles set them up for a blind date), which makes Hilarie's caption all the more sweet.

"It is my husband's birthday." Hilarie captioned the post before going on to talk more about Jeffrey. "There's a whole heap of people out there who love @jeffreydeanmorgan. He's a person who is electric, dynamic. He laughs hard and can curse a blue streak, and has a heart bigger than most. He takes on responsibility and fights for others, and works hard. And then he comes home and doesn't rest . . . he's the pony that our kids hop on. He's the cuddler of donkeys. He's the dreamer who pulls a log out of the woods and makes a table or art or mountains of firewood."

After talking about what Jeffrey means to everyone else, Hilarie continued the caption by saying what he meant to her. "But to me, he is the only person who's opinion matters. I met him when I was 26, and he saw me for who I wanted to be. And then he kicked down every obstacle to get us here." She finished off by saying "you make everything better," which is how I want all my future significant others to talk about me.