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The Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer

From All Out War to Civil War: Tensions Rise in the Trailer for The Walking Dead Season 9

The last season of The Walking Dead saw a lot of endings we weren't expecting: the end of Rick and Negan's "All-Out War," Carl's demise (RIP), and possibly the dissolution of close relationships between key players. There have been plenty of details released about what we should expect from season nine, but finally we're getting a look at what's in store for us come October! AMC first dropped a sneak peek of the upcoming season on Thursday, the day before the show's Comic-Con panel, then dropped the full trailer on Friday. Judging by the new footage, we'll be getting lots of drama and tension.

As we know, the ninth season will jump forward in time and highlight a drastic change in our favorite communities. With the world literally crumbling around them and an uneasy truce among the leaders, season nine is all about exactly how hard it'll be for Rick Grimes to create the utopia that Carl envisioned for everyone. Rick is all about forging a new world order focusing on peace, like his son wanted him to. With season nine being Andrew Lincoln's final season, we're guessing things get a little ugly during his attempts. It's obvious that things between the original survivors aren't the same anymore, especially when it comes to Rick and Maggie. Will their tension lead to another war among communities? Check out the full trailer above for all the intrigue, and stay on your toes for more details as the season premiere looms closer.


Image Source: AMC
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