Rue Can't Get Jules Off Her Mind in the Trailer For Euphoria's Special Episode

It's been too long since we've seen Emmy-award winner Zendaya in her oversize red hoodie, but that'll change soon. On Nov. 30, HBO released the trailer for the first of Euphoria's two special episodes, appropriately titled, "Rue." The footage doesn't reveal much, but we can grasp the gist of what we'll be seeing as Rue sits alone in a diner, going over the agonizing decision she made in the season finale to let Jules go to New York without her. Ali, her unofficial sponsor, is shown sitting across from her in the end, and he asks her, "Why'd you call me?"

So, it's safe to assume that Rue's episode will focus on the immediate aftermath of her decision from last season. We still don't know anything about the second special episode, but it's fair to guess that it will also follow a character to show what they've been up to since the season finale and serve as a bridge for when we eventually get season two. Watch the trailer above before "Rue" airs on Dec. 6!