Raise Your Hand If You Saw You's Twist With Candace Coming, Because We Sure Didn't

If you've just finished the latest season of Netflix's thriller You, then you're probably still reeling from one of the biggest shockers — Candace's death. It's not that we're surprised that her time has come to an end, but the means of her demise left our mind's blown. Throughout season one, we were convinced that Candace was dead. After watching Joe's psychopathic behavior, we assumed that there was no way she could've escaped him with her life, and to be fair, he thought she was dead, too.

Candace's reemergence drives Joe to create a new identity and life in California in season two. As Will, Joe thinks he's finally free of his past and is considering a new future with Love. Before Joe can get too comfortable, Candace pops back on the scene as Amy Adam, the new girlfriend of Love's brother, Forty. Dead set on making Joe pay for leaving her for dead in the middle of the forest, Candace tries to worm her way into his world to destroy it from the inside. Unfortunately, she isn't aware that when it comes to Joe's new world as Will, she's out of her league.

Despite having plenty of reasons to eliminate the threat of Candace blowing up his secret identity, it isn't Joe that strikes the final blow.

Candace thinks she finally has all the evidence she needs to prove to Love that Joe is a psychopath. She thinks that she's intervened just in time to save Love from sharing the same fate as Beck. After discovering Joe's storage facility with Delilah's dead body in a cage, she calls Love down so that she can see for herself who Joe really is. She isn't expecting that Love could be equally — if not crazier — than Joe.

While Candace consoles a distraught Love, with one fell swoop, Love cuts Candace's throat — a loose thread that she wouldn't let interfere with her possible future with Joe. It's at this moment we realize that Love might even be crazier than Joe. After Candace's death, Love spills about all of the times she's had to intervene to protect the people she loved.

The end of the season paints a picture of a possible somewhat normal future for Joe and Love. With a baby on the way and a new home, Joe could have finally met his match, until we hear Joe refer to the next-door neighbor as "you," leaving us on the edge of our seats until the next season.