Send My Warmest Regards to the Schitt's Creek Cast Who Watched the Series Finale Over Zoom

Here's your daily reminder that the Schitt's Creek cast is simply the best: the stars spent Tuesday night watching the Pop TV show's series finale over a Zoom video call. Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Eugene Levy, Emily Hampshire, Noah Reid, Karen Robinson, Jennifer Robertson, and Sarah Levy virtually joined together from their various social distancing locations to enjoy the last episode together like the Roses would've wanted. Now, I won't spoil the episode for all of you waiting for the Netflix drop (hopefully) later this year, but it warms my heart to know they got to commemorate such a special moment together — even from miles apart.

In addition to preparing for the series finale, the cast also put forward fundraising efforts this week to benefit Food Banks Canada and Feeding America in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The cast members surpassed their $150,000 goal in less than a week and continue to raise more money, showing once again they deserve our best wishes and warmest regards.