What Exactly Did Peter's Mom Whisper to His Dad in Spanish During The Bachelor?

We know Chris Harrison says this every season, but The Bachelor finale might have been one of the most dramatic ones yet. After Peter got down on one knee and proposed to Hannah Ann, their engagement eventually fell apart when he revealed that he had unresolved feelings for Madison, who broke up with him ahead of the final rose ceremony. Not only was the news a shock for Hannah Ann, but it was particularly devastating for Peter's mom Barb.

After hanging out with Peter's final two women during part one of the finale, Barb made it known that she was firmly team Hannah Ann. She even tearfully begged Peter to choose her as his fiancée because she believed they were a perfect match. So, when Peter and Madison took the stage to declare their love with his mom in the audience, things got awkward fast.

During the "After the Final Rose" special, Chris Harrison asked Barb how she felt about the whole ordeal, and she didn't hold back. After explaining why she was initially off-put by Madison during their meet-the-family date in Australia, she went on to state that she simply didn't feel like the couple was going to work out in the end. "Chris, he's going to have to fail to succeed," she bluntly stated, ensuing some boos from the crowd.

And the awkwardness didn't end there. When Chris Harrison asked Peter's dad what his take on the couple was, Barb was recorded whispering something to him in Spanish. So, what exactly did she say? It appeared she told him, "Di algo mal también, ayúdame," which translated to English means, "Say something bad, too. Help me." Yikes. Here's hoping Barb and Madison can work out their differences after the show.