Why No One Will Ever Know What Daenerys Whispered to Jorah During That Game of Thrones Scene

There have been a lot of tragic deaths in Game of Thrones over the years, but the demise of Jorah Mormont might be one of the most emotional. After years of standing by his khaleesi and doing everything in his power to ensure her happiness — even after she sends him away — the knight dies protecting her during the fraught Battle of Winterfell in season eight.

True to his nature, Ser Jorah goes out bravely, fighting off a horde of wights while using the sword Samwell gave him to protect his love. When he finally succumbs to his wounds, Daenerys holds him in her arms as she sobs and Drogon touches down to mourn with his mother. In the following episode, "The Last of the Starks," the survivors at Winterfell say goodbye to their fallen before they burn their bodies. Daenerys walks up to Jorah's body, the body of her oldest living adviser and confidant, kisses his forehead and — as closed captioning describes it — "whispers indistinctly."

Considering that whisper is the last thing ever spoken between them (technically, since Jorah is dead and can't hear anything), of course fans want to know what was said. Daenerys later tells Jon that she was never able to love Jorah the way he loved her, but sends him away with the knowledge that he was truly the only one she could ever trust. Maybe now that he's gone, Dany realizes that Jorah was the only man (besides Khal Drogo) that understood her? So, perhaps she whispers, "I'm going to burn them all" in that scene, since that's totally her shtick now! One thing we know for sure? Iain Glen isn't telling his khaleesi's secret anytime soon.

"It's something entirely sincere and true to the moment and something that I'll never forget," Glen told Entertainment Weekly. "I'll always cherish it because it's something no one will ever know but the two of us. And that's a memory to hold onto."


EW revealed that whatever Emilia Clarke whispered in Glen's ear isn't in the script because it was entirely left to Clarke to write her own lines. Even the stage directions said something like this: "Daenerys whispers something to him that he'll never hear and we'll never know . . ." The moment was completely for the two actors, which is even more special when their obviously deep bond is taken into account.

And while Glen isn't sharing that secret, he did share how it felt to say goodbye to Ser Jorah after eight long seasons.

"When I read the nature of his demise it felt right. It was the right conclusion . . . This is the season to go, if you're going to go. It's a heroic and satisfying demise," he told EW. "I think [showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] were sweetly nervous about everyone's reaction and their instinct is you'll be upset that you're out. So the first thing I did is I went and emailed them and told them how much I loved the scripts. And they said, "Aw, you're a gent." And I said, "No, I'm really grateful for this conclusion."