So, There's a Good Chance Mr. Jingles's Son Will Appear at the End of AHS: 1984

One of American Horror Story: 1984's biggest twists is that Mr. Jingles isn't all that bad of a guy. It turned out that it was actually Margaret and his mother who framed him for the 1970 murders. Trying to put his sinister past behind him, he settles down in Alaska with a new family, including his new son, whom he names Bobby after his late brother. But the poor guy can't catch a break from Camp Redwood. When he finds his wife dead, Mr. Jingles leaves Bobby with his sister-in-law, returning to the camp to face his (literal) ghosts. The big question is, what will happen to Bobby? Here's why we're sure we're going to see Mr. Jingles's son again at the end of AHS: 1984.

Bobby Richter first appears on screen as a baby in the late '80s. Granted that the Night Stalker doesn't kill him, we're convinced we'll see him in 2019 as an adult in his 30s. Why specifically this year? Because of an Instagram Story by an AHS makeup artist, Reddit sleuths are certain the series will bring us to our current time, as 2019 is listed as one of the eras that the team re-creates.

Many guys in the Ryan Murphy universe would fit the bill for this character. The strongest contender thus far is Finn Wittrock (formerly Dandy Mott, Tristan Duffy, and Jether Polk), whose name appears on IMDb for the final episode this season. We're secretly hoping for an Evan Peters cameo, but this is way less likely given that he publicly announced sitting out from 1984.

Other than the actor who could portray Bobby, we're curious about how he'll fit into the plot. Bobby might become a killer, following in his father's footsteps like Johnny Morgan did in Asylum. Mr. Jingles, after all, killed people in 1984. But Bobby could just end up investigating Mr. Jingles's case. Then there's the possibility that Bobby might be a character we've seen before or connected to someone from a past season. We still have that devil baby cliffhanger from Apocalypse, after all. Even if neither of Bobby's parents was a ghost during his conception, we can't be too sure with all the satanical stuff going on. In any case, American Horror Story: 1984 will need to address what happens to Bobby Jr. after sh*t hits the fan at Camp Redwood during the Billy Idol concert.