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Easy Family Holiday Traditions

12 Simple Holiday Traditions Your Family Can Embrace This Year

Easy Family Holiday Traditions

The holidays are an exciting time — the food, the gifts, the holiday movies! — but some people feel dread rather than delight during this time of year because of the loss of a loved one, the stress that comes with curating a Pinterest-perfect Christmas experience, or the letdown that ensues after New Year's Eve.

But there are ways to combat the holiday blues: traditions. Parents already know that children find great comfort and stability in rituals and repetition, but adults also benefit from having something to look forward to year after year. No matter your situation in life, having a trusted, joyful ritual that brings back happy memories can make dealing with the holidays bearable . . . and maybe even enjoyable. What's more, sometimes the simplest traditions make the biggest impact. Pick just one this season for a happier holiday.

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