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Lessons Your Son Should Learn

15 Important Life Lessons I Want My Sons to Learn

As I'm raising my two rambunctious boys, there seems to be a plethora of things that I hope to teach them as they grow into men. Now more than ever, I feel that it's important to be mindful of the way we mother our boys, making sure they know from a very young age how to be decent, honorable, and respectful people. From the big, small, messy, and awkward, here are the most important lessons I hope to teach my sons to help them navigate this world.

  1. Understand consent and coercion. The current climate is doing a lot to teach people about sexual misconduct, and it will benefit the younger generation to understand this as clearly as possible, as soon as possible.
  2. Never toy with a person's feelings. Whether you're dealing with a friend or a partner, don't ever abuse the vulnerability someone hands over to you when they like you.
  3. Recognize privilege, and learn how to foster gratitude.
  4. Have female friends and allow them to cultivate your sense of empathy and deep, platonic relationships.
  5. Understand that #thefutureisfemale has room for you. Empowered men and women lift society up.
  6. Be a citizen of the world. Know there is great value in getting to know people from different walks of life.
  7. Always lead with kindness. There's a time for truth, of course, but try to err on the side of compassion always.
  8. Understand the definition of complicit. Have the strength to speak up when it's the hardest, but most necessary.
  9. Do something you love. Life is a lot more fun when you're passionate about your career and eager to invest 40 hours a week into it.
  10. Read and you will never be without friends. Learning to be happy when alone is a skill that can be taught.
  11. Spend time in service. Do charity work and always give 10 percent of your income to those in need. This, too, will foster gratitude.
  12. Be a gentleman and always lend a hand to anyone in need. Always pay for yourself and others, if you can afford it. Know that money is only important when you don't have it.
  13. Don't ever lie about who you are. No matter how scary it may be, live your truth openly, and if there's something you don't feel good about, change it.
  14. Have a great relationship with your parents, because men that do are usually gold.
  15. God is everywhere, and you are a spiritual being. Explore the right path for you and let it be the moral compass that guides you through life.
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