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From day one, moms work super hard to keep their kids safe, healthy, and happy. Mother's Day is the best day to show your mom — or the prominent woman in your life — just how thankful you are for all she's done for you. If you're stumped on just how to show how much she means to you, don't stress! We have ideas for presents, meals, and fun activities to make this a Mother's Day she will never forget.


Here's a List of Gifts For Mom That She's Guaranteed to Love
Bountiful flowers and sweet treats are certainly appreciated by any parent on Mother's Day, but do a little planning this year and pick up something that's specific to her taste. Whether she's into indoor plants, cooking, or experimenting with new jewelry, finding the right gift is all about the thought you put behind it. Here are 17 ideas she's sure to love!
Sometimes the Best Gifts Are Homemade

The idea of making your mom a Mother's Day gift may give you flashbacks to popsicle-stick picture frames and macaroni necklaces, but there are some items you can make at home that your mom will really love (and that she will actually use). From bath bombs to plant pots, we have a few ideas that will add a handmade touch to this year's gift! Read more.


Whip Up Some Breakfast in Bed For Mom
This Mother's Day, spend some time in the kitchen whipping up one of these breakfast- or brunch-in-bed recipes for your mom. If you aren't the savviest chef in the kitchen, don't panic — we've picked out some easy recipes that will score you major points, even without having sharp culinary skills.


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